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keynote (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary

by tadeufilippini
keynote - definition and synonyms Using the thesaurus noun [countable] [usually singular] keynote pronunciation in British English /ˈkiːˌnəʊt/ Word Forms Contribute to our Open Dictionary Related words keynote speech/address phrase keynote speaker at keynote speech/address the most important feature of something Enjoyment is the keynote of this popular comedy club. Synonyms and related words


Debian considers merging /usr

by alamat & 1 other
The bootstrap utility for the upcoming release of Debian 9 “Stretch” will feature the ability to merge utilities from the root file system into the /usr file system.


Now Download your entire Google search history

by calipussoftware (via)
Google has introduced a new feature especially for casual serfers and web researchers who forgot to bookmark their great searched/web pages. Now you can easily download your entire Google search history direct in your desktop. check it out.


Android Apps: Walk and Text

by alamat (via)
Works on any devices 1.5 and above, yes even on the G1! The features at a glance: – Full 80 character QWERTY keyboard! – The Camera preview is being displayed while you walk and text. Click send and share the text with any client installed on your device (Email, Text Message, Bluetooth, Facebook, Twitter Twidroid, Twigee, Gmail etc.) – You can change the background and color of the text you type or stop the camera while writing.


Aqua Taskforce - Most recent submissions

by ycc2106
Apple feature request /bug submissions

Prevent Windows XP from searching inside ZIP and CAB files, without breaking Windows XP's native ZIP / CAB support

by night.kame

When you initiate a file search in Windows XP, it searches for files inside ZIP and CAB archives. Most people don't want this feature [...] This prevents Windows XP Search companion from looking inside Zip and Cab archives when performing a file search.




RePrint Articles

by arpecop
Those who truly understand how to build value their online properties always turn to high quality content to develop their keywords and their PageRank score. There is a group of writers, who wish to assist othersthe development of their website traffic and their ezine subscriber base, by providing contentthe form of free-reprint articles. The members of this webring are the providers of the free-reprint content that can be used on websites andezines.


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