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April 2007

February 2007

science vs faith - flowcharts

by 4004 & 2 others
2007-01-15 -- (PNG Image, 894x700 pixels)


by CyberRev
A Christian website of truth or dare. One of the most controversial, investigative, religious, biblical websites on the Internet. A great site for DEEP research or the spiritual seeker of truth or lie.

Atheist Perspective

by atheistperspective
Putting Atheism, God and religion into perspective

January 2007

December 2006

November 2006

Since it is written in books

by bachodi
Concepts need not be valid just because they are told in books (holy books especially ;-))), mythologies etc. Nor things are right if they are modern. Gentlemen test and then trust, fools believe what is told and written.

September 2006

God's Politics - Jim Wallis blog

by MDettmer81
Jim Wallis' blog about faith and politics that often counters the Religious Right.

June 2006

Letter to God - Write a letter to your God and read other peoples

by douglaswalker
Ever wanted to ask God something? Now you can Write a letter to your God. Interesting to read letters that others have left. Gives you a great insight into the Human condition. We really all want the same thing. Overseen by someone called The Helper

May 2006

Carman World Outreach - Listen and download music

by tg3793
A man that has used the creative and musical abilities that God has given him to reach out to those who God has put in his path.

All Free Essays: Submit Essay

by tg3793
A place that has free essays on a wide variety of subjects. There are also areas that can help you to improve your writing skills.


by tg3793
Free "Christian" web blog. "Free User" and it's pink.

Christianity Today Library Archive

by tg3793
Extensive archives of some several trusted publications and materials from a "Christian" perspective. Topics range from headlines to history.

The Bridge Atlanta

by tg3793
More often than not, the average church attendee sees the Sunday morning service as the primary connecting point to a local church. We see this as a very positive thing!! However, we also understand that large groups and meetings are usually not the o

The Christian Index

by tg3793
Founded in Washington, DC in 1822 by legendary Baptist leader Luther Rice, The Christian Index is the nation's oldest continuously published religious newspaper. Known briefly as The Columbian Star, the publication was a national effort to encourage suppo

April 2006

February 2006

Churches celebrate Darwin`s birthday

by zboog
Nearly 450 Christian churches in the United States are celebrating the 197th birthday of Charles Darwin Sunday.D

December 2005

Comix reviewed at Hollywood Jesus with visuals and insights.

by Blamm
Every day hundreds of MILLIONS of people worldwide read and understand the visual-story medium that is known as - UCCF's Apologetics Website

by Blamm
bethinking is a new apologetics initiative of uccf:thechristianunions in partnership with European Leadership Forum. Providing articles and talks covering the entire spectrum of apologetics.

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