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Educational Innovations: Unique Science Products, Science Classroom Supplies, Science Fair Projects

by fotopol, ressources pour des expériences scientifiques, destinées au écoles



Journey North Tulip Garden and Climate Change Study

by jgrogan
What would happen to my bulbs if… While waiting for your garden to grow, you can use the time to experiment with bulbs indoors. "Forcing" bulbs can bring your experiments conveniently closer to your classroom.

Easy Science Experiment Projects at Steve Spangler Science

by knann (via)
Welcome to the ever-growing, ever-changing collection of Steve Spangler's favorite science experiments, recipes and cool science projects. This hands-on science library represents Steve's most requested science experiments from his weekly television appearances and live presentations throughout the country. Just search for an easy science project idea or browse the entire library of experiments.


The Man in Blue > Distilling fine web design since 1863

by jdrsantos
The Man in Blue is the alter ego of Cameron Adams, a Web Technologist in Melbourne, Australia. (That means he does graphic design, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, writing, server-side jiggery pokery, and anything else that takes his fancy that day.)

Build a Baking Soda Volcano

by misskitty4280
Okay, the baking soda volcano is the kitchen equivalent of a volcano, not a real one. It's cool all the same! The baking soda volcano is also more or less non-toxic, which adds to its appeal.

Toothpicks, Plasma, and a New Microwave

by misskitty4280
You know how some demonstrations have the disclaimer "do not try this at home"? Online High Tech Magazine has a video of one of these demonstrations that I'm sure I'll do anyway (though I expect to need a new microwave). Apparently if you set a wooden toothpick on fire in a microwave (I'm guessing a lighted match works) and turn the microwave oven on, you'll see a periodic discharge of plasma or ball lightning. Plasma is a state of matter, similar in some ways to a gas, except involving ionized particles that are pretty far apart from each other. If you try it, be advised you shouldn't... it can't be good for your microwave oven and possibly presents a health hazard... but feel free to take pictures and send them to me.

Burning Money - Chemistry Demonstration

by misskitty4280
Do you have money to burn? Here's a neat trick for setting a dollar bill on fire, without actually burning it. This demonstration illustrates the concept of combustion and also shows some properties of alcohol, water, and money.

Water into Wine Demonstration

by misskitty4280
Here's another classic chemistry demonstration for you. Pour a glass of 'water' into an apparently empty glass, and watch it change from clear to wine or blood red. Blow air into the red liquid to clear it.


by brianj1400
Beautiful use of computer technologie

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