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February 2007

Why PHP? | Google Groupes

by mbertier (via)
To co-ordinate work on a community-built business and technical case for PHP, to help ISVs sell PHP-based solutions.

May 2006

October 2005

Practice: That's What We Do

by sachachua
The idea is "Here, maybe you'd like to try this. Here's what it does for me, here's what it might feel like when you're trying it."

Are you tired? Busy?

by sachachua
Whatever you're making, designing, shipping or selling, it's a Big Event for the person buying it and using it. It may be just another car/contract/widget to you, but someone is counting on it being remarkable.

September 2005 - bonnes pratiques qualit� en discussion

by Riduidel & 15 others
Tout une liste de bonnes pratiques à appliquer au développement d'un site web (avec différents niveaux de qualité).

August 2005


by sachachua
What this taught me is that getting past the “PowerPoint is so easy” objection is largely a matter of zeroing in on the specific world of your intended client. While I did some research and preparation going in, most of the material that really worked

April 2005

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