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March 2009

Have Fun with Living History - Free streaming history videos & activities

by knann
American history is best served hot and there are lots of ways to warm up to it. At HFwH, we bring free streaming video, interactive presentations, and links to many other resources to bring history alive. Go a step beyond the social studies or history classroom and use all your senses to connect with American History through audio, video, and living history.

February 2009 - Canada in a Box, Cigar Containers that Store Our Past 1883-1935

by knann (via)
Fascinating site on history depicting on Canadian Cigar Boxes. See the 7th grade project inspired by this resource

September 2008

CanadaInfo: Images & Downloads: Fact Sheets to Download: Maps

by knann (via)
Everyone in Canada and around the world should have access to material to help learn more about the Dominion of Canada. Below you will find thumbnails of a series of different pictures, maps, and information sheets that are free to download to your computer and use for educational purposes. To download a .JPG file, click on the image you want so that it loads in a new page full size. Then, copy the image (click and hold for Macintosh, right click for Windows) and finally, paste the image into any word processing or drawing application. To download a .PDF file, click on the link below the title of the image you want You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this type of file. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

July 2008

...:::Exploring Africa by Lindsay Brasell...:::

by knann
Zunal is a new web service that makes creating Webquests a snap. This webquest is perfect for the Africa unit. Downloads include a powerpoint for weblinks to find information. Excellent word.doc report template also included.

June 2008 :: maps for the masses

by knann & 10 others
Personalize a google map and then share. No registering required

May 2008

Welcome to The Monticello Classroom!

by knann
Resources and activities for unit on Colonial America.

April 2008

The Canada Game By John Rickey

by knann (via)
Drag the label of the province to the round dot on that province and you will score a point. A teacher will come on the computer and mark your work and talk to you about how you are doing. There are three levels on this game. Each level will give you less time to name all the provinces.

February 2008

November 2007

Outline Maps

by knann & 1 other (via)
These maps may be printed and copied for personal or classroom use.To request permission for other purposes please contact the Rights and Permissions Department. PDF format but may be opened in Photoshop Elements as an image for coloring and labeling.

we are multicolored

by knann
an online application to design your own flag, either based on your "home", any country that "affected you" & countries of which you "dreamed of going", or simply based on strong symbols, colors & meaning.

On the Trail of John Smith

by knann
Follow John Smith as he helps establish the Jamestown colony, explores the Chesapeake Bay, and meets local Native Americans in this new interactive adventure. Great for differentiation: audio narration with animated story and embedded learning games occur withing within the story.

Google Earth Virtual Tours

by knann
Click the "Open KML" Link to view the tour in Google Earth

World Atlas

by knann & 1 other (via)
Highest lowest biggest smallest tallest deepest oldest youngest Continents Countries Cities Dependencies Deserts Islands Lakes Mountains Oceans Provinces Rivers Seas and more list by World Atlas

Geo Quiz Archive

by knann
Geoquiz from BBC/PRI in text and audio format

The Seven World Wonders

by knann (via)
A complete listing of all the World Wonders in a variety of categories

Geospy -- National Geographic Kids

by knann (via)
Can you identify all the continents, states, and provinces? Try GeoSpy and find out!

October 2007

Time for Kids |Around The World | Mexico

by knann (via)
Colorful festivals, ancient pyramids and a bustling capital city are just a few of Mexico's attractions. Take a look. Sightseeing Guide - Mexico Fact File - Mexico Native Lingo - Mexico History Timeline - Mexico Challenge - Mexico Post Cards Other Continents/Countries Available via the left Menu.

Native American RhymesBookstore

by knann
Welcome to the Native American Rhymes bookstore. Here you will find FREE eBooks that you can download and save on your computer as well as have the ability to print.

Send a Tourism Saskatchewan ePostcard

by knann
e-Postcards from Saskatchewan. Click a category to begin.

::: Nunavut - Canada┬┤s Arctic :::

by knann
Photo gallery: adventure, culture, landscapes, animals Information about the regions

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