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February 2008

Xen Virtualization and Linux Clustering, Part 1

by camel
In this article, I briefly introduce the concepts of Xen virtualization and Linux clustering. From there, I show you how to set up multiple operating systems on a single computer using Xen and how to configure them for use with clustering. I should point out that a cluster implemented in this manner does not provide the computational power of multiple physical computers. It does, however, offer a way to prototype a cluster as well as provide a cost-effective development environment for cluster-based software. Even if you're not interested in clustering, this article gives you hands-on experience using Xen virtualization.

January 2008

Passing the Buck on Environmental Damage -- ScienceNOW

by ravi
Humans inflicted $47 trillion worth of damage to the environment from 1961 to 2000, according to a new study, and poor nations are disproportionately footing the bill. Taking their estimates a step further, the researchers conclude that high- and middle-income nations owe poor nations $3.2 trillion for the damage their development has caused.

Biotech groups desert international agriculture project | Guardian

by ravi
Monsanto, Syngenta and BASF resigned after a draft report from the project highlighted the risks of GM crops and said they could pose problems for the developing world.

Automating Xen Virtual Machine Deployment

by camel
While consolidating physical to virtual machines using Xen,we want to be able to deploy and manage virtual machines in the same way we manage and deploy physical machines. For operators and support people there should be no difference between virtual and physical installations. Integrating Virtual Machines with the rest of the infrastructure, should have a low impact on the existing infrastructure. Typically, Virtual machine vendors have their own tools to deploy and manage virtual machines. Apart from the vendor lock-in to that specific virtual machine platform , it requires the administrators to learn yet another platform that they need to understand and manage, something we want to prevent. This paper discusses how we integrated SystemImager with Xen, hence creating a totally open source deployment framework for the popular open source Virtual Machine monitor. We will document both development of our tools and go more in depth on other infrastructure related issues when using Xen System Imaging environments in combination with Virtual machines can also be used to ensure safe production deployments. By saving your current production image before updating to your new production image, you have a highly reliable contingency mechanism. If the new production environment is found to be flawed, simply roll-back to the last production image on the virtual machines with a simple update command! Xen has become one of the most popular virtualisation platforms over the last year, although not such a young project, it is now rapidly gaining acceptance in the corporate world as a valuable alternative to VMWare.

December 2007

ajax im - the ajax-based instant messenger

by camel & 5 others
ajax im ("asynchronous javascript and xml instant messenger") is a browser-based instant messaging client. It uses AJAX to create a near real-time IM environment that can be used in conjunction with community, intranet, and social websites. No refreshing of the page is ever needed for this "web application" to work, as everything is updated in real-time via JavaScript.

Enomalism : XEN Virtualized Server Management Console: Home

by camel
The Enomalism Virtualized Management Dashboard (VMD) is a powerful web-based virtual server manager. Designed to answer the complexity of managing globally disperse virtual server environments. Enomalism helps to ease the transition to a virtualized environment by reducing an IT organizations overall workload. The easy to use dashboard can help with issues including deployment planning, load balancing, automatic VM migration, configuration management, and capacity diagnosis.

Linux install and configure pound reverse proxy for Apache http / https web server

by camel
Pound is a reverse-proxy load balancing server. It accepts requests from HTTP / HTTPS clients and distributes them to one or more Web servers. The HTTPS requests are decrypted and passed to the back-ends as plain HTTP. It will act as: a) Server load balancer b) Reverse proxy server c) Apache reverse proxy etc d) It can detects when a backend server fails or recovers, and bases its load balancing decisions on this information: if a backend server fails, it will not receive requests until it recovers e) It can decrypts https requests to http ones f) Rejects incorrect requests h) It can be used in a chroot environment (security feature)

November 2007


by springnet
Doris also has a wonderful floor plan with possibly the greatest kitchen in the world - made so by the overhead door out to the patio. It incorporates a screen that can be rolled down when the door is up to keep bugs out while letting breezes flow. Perfec

Enlightenment - Beauty at your fingertips

by jdrsantos & 1 other
Enlightenment is a window manager. Enlightenment is a desktop shell. Enlightenment is the building blocks to create beautiful applications. Enlightenment, or simply e, is a group of people trying to make a new generation of software.

October 2007

Plans de nichoirs

by sbrothier & 1 other
Hirondelles, Mésanges, Troglodytes, Sittelles, Merles bleus ou Moineaux

Lighter Footstep - Home

by lukeslytalker
Lighter Footstep is a web-based magazine dedicated to sustainable living: learning to thrive in our personal and business lives by making wiser choices.

Lights Out America

by lukeslytalker
We are Lights Out America, a grassroots community group now organizing a nationwide energy savings event on Saturday, March 29, 2008. On this night, we invite the entire country, including businesses, city and federal government agencies, s to save energy

Troubled Waters

by knann (via)
"Troubled Waters" is an authentic task dealing with different factors and how they change certain parameters in a river. Several of these parameters are dissolved oxygen, pH, nitrates, and fecal coliform bacteria. Students will be using the modeling tool STELLA. Students will run a river model, interpret graphs, and adjust a variable such as wind speed and sewage load to determine the effects on Dissolved oxygen levels.

Cygwin Information and Installation

by jdrsantos & 11 others
# Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows. It consists of two parts: A DLL (cygwin1.dll) which acts as a Linux API emulation layer providing substantial Linux API functionality. # A collection of tools which provide Linux look and feel.

September 2007

Think Solar Energy. Renewable Energy Blog

by incircolo
Think Solar Energy. Renewable Energy and Solar Power. What is going on at the web. Solar power, solar panel, solar system, renewable energy and technology

Technology Review: Making Cheaper Solar Cells

by springnet
Powered by $77 million in new investment, startup Heliovolt, based in Austin, TX, will build a factory next year for mass-producing a new type of solar cell that could, in much of the United States, make solar electricity as cheap as electricity from the