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07 May 2007

Renault Launches its "Renault eco²" Line Of Vehicles

by massivacom
With the framework of Renault Commitment 2009, the company has publicly stated its ambitious environmental objectives. Renault believes that by making its environmentally-friendly vehicles economical to buy and run it will increase the benefit they represent for the environment.

04 May 2007

03 May 2007

the Nomad yurt by ECOSHACK

by sbrothier
Mongolia‘s 2000-year-old portable ‘ger’ updated for today’s urban nomad. Are you the nomadic type? Designed and manufactured by Ecoshack. Patent pending.

30 April 2007

28 April 2007

Vermont Agency of Natural Reources

by knann
Links for Students & Teachers There are hundreds of environmental education websites. We've divided a few of the best ones here into three broad categories based on grade level. Almost all of them have links to additional websites, as well. Have fun exploring!

26 April 2007

Nigel's Eco Store - Environmentally friendly products and eco friendly gifts for sustainable living

by sbrothier
Hi, I'm Nigel, welcome to my eco store, here you'll find environmentally friendly products for sustainable living, including recycled products, organic products, green products, and eco friendly products and gifts.

25 April 2007


by jdrsantos & 4 others
Cygwin/X is a port of the X Window System to the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. Cygwin/X runs on all recent consumer and business versions of Windows; as of 2003-12-27 those versions are specifically Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Win

Cygwin Information and Installation

by jdrsantos & 5 others
Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows. It consists of two parts: * A DLL (cygwin1.dll) which acts as a Linux API emulation layer providing substantial Linux API functionality. * A collection of tools which provide Linux look and feel. The Cyg

19 April 2007

The electric car is making a major comeback

by bee
Electric cars are on schedule by some major car manufacturers. And these cars are not just environmentally friendly but also very fast.

17 April 2007

Black Cloud

by sbrothier & 1 other
While the Chinese economu is booming, the skies above its cities are darkening. One of the biggest causes is the phenomenal growth in the number of cars and exhaust emissions

16 April 2007

Clean Planet

by Kaktus_1991 & 2 others
all about green life and problems of our environment

14 April 2007

11 April 2007

Le 22 avril, je vote pour... : Regard sur... blog politique

by sbrothier, 2 comments
Il reste 14 jours avant le scrutin présidentiel. Cette campagne a été longue et, disons le, bordélique. Candidats indignes. Thématiques improbables. Sondages outrageusement menteurs. Médias misérablement incompétents. Belle campagne. Pas fier.

RENE DUMONT - Ina - Elections 1974

by sbrothier & 1 other
- Campagne pour l'élection du Président de la République : M. RENE DUMONT. DUMONT se présente pour un candidat doux rêveur : "Je représente un mouvement écologique - l'écologie : qu'est ce que c'est ? Rapport entre les êtres aimant et les milieux où ils vivent - il est temps de s'occuper des problèmes de nos pays - on a dit que j'étais un fantaisiste, j'ai écrit 20 livres - je suis un candidat propre, un candidat pauvre - nous serons les seuls à perdre notre indépendance économique - il va falloir cesser le gaspillage - nous allons bientôt manquer d'eau" - il boit un verre d'eau sur le plateau

29 March 2007

No Police State Girls blog

by npsg
No Police State Girls blog is about everything No Police State and other random thoughts; peace, politics, music, art, fashion. lifestyles, the environment, saving the world and whatever else comes to mind.

28 March 2007