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Linux Embedded Software Development Blog

by onanong
Blog about embedded software development under Linux and Android. Articles about embedded processors, their software development kit and development boards, news about gadgets using embedded platforms mainly smartphones, tablets, media players, stb, digital signage, smart grid solutions...


iPad-Controlled Blimp Schmoozes With Partygoers

by Xavier Lacot
Un petit dirigeable piloté par un Ipad. Une application faite avec Titanium en 3 semaines de développement.


Tynamo(TM) Home

by night.kame

Welcome to the home page of Tynamo™, a fast, conditionally compliant HTTP/1.1 server and Servlet 2.2 container for embedded Java platforms.

"Oh My Gosh" comme on dit dans EM:HE.

Commands of the NAND

by YukuanBlog
相信處理過 NAND flash 的 firmware 人員,在啃讀 datasheet 的過程,難免得謹慎地交叉比對,好好推敲那也佔了不少篇幅的時序圖,以免自己還是不夠小心,誤解文意……

NAND Flash 簡介

by YukuanBlog
撬開一張 SD 卡,裡面最引人注目的,當然就是那大大一顆的 NAND flash ,我們餵給 SD 卡的資料都儲存在裡面。在這顆 NAND flash 的旁邊,我們還可看到一顆小一號的 IC ,那就是 NAND flash 的 controller 。 SD 卡儲存的資料要安全可靠,有九成的責任都要算在這顆 controller 。

The Floating Gate

by YukuanBlog
浮動閘(floating gate)一詞會讓我銘記於心,是因為閱讀了《矽眼》,該書提到以浮動閘紀錄類神經元突觸加權值,這是「類比」儲存的一個應用。然而,對多數內嵌系統設計人員來說,浮動閘是用在「數位」儲存的,諸如 EPROM, EEPROM, NOR flash, NAND flash 等。

The Analog Clock

by YukuanBlog

The Fraction from a Decimal

by YukuanBlog
定點數運算常用於 embedded systems 中,因為大部分低階的 MCU (例如: 8051, PIC, AVR 等)開發環境雖提供浮點運算,卻是軟體模擬的,除了慢,還明顯佔用原本就少得可憐的記憶體空間。 C/C 語言雖無定點數運算專用語法,程式員卻可通過手動調整,有效以整數運算完成相同效果。

Fingering of Keys

by YukuanBlog
按鍵是很普遍的人機介面,也常用於內嵌系統(Embedded Systems)。既然大家那麼愛用按鍵,很自然地, Embedded Systems 軔體開發人員就常常得處理按鍵的偵測、編碼等議題。此外,為了按鍵操作流暢,我們還必須為按鍵設計適當的指法(fingering)及明確、統一的功能定義(function definition)。

Sphinx - Free open-source SQL full-text search engine

by Xavier Lacot & 3 others
Sphinx is a standalone search engine, meant to provide fast, size-efficient and relevant fulltext search functions to other applications. Sphinx was specially designed to integrate well with SQL databases and scripting languages. Currently built-in data sources support fetching data either via direct connection to MySQL or PostgreSQL, or using XML pipe mechanism (a pipe to indexer in special XML-based format which Sphinx recognizes).


HOWTO: Writing a Computer Emulator

by mapleelpam
怎样写一个计算机模拟器 的原文

Embedded Web Server -- AppWeb is Secure, Fast and Compact

by Xavier Lacot
AppWeb is a very fast, small-footprint, standards-based, portable server, specifically developed for use by embedded devices and applications.


Linux 是不是應該有 Binary Driver Layer ?

by mapleelpam
GKAI(General Kernel API Interface) 滿深入的討論

Motor-controlling PWMs

by YukuanBlog
一個脈寬調變(Pulse-width Modulation, PWM)訊號可控制一顆 DC motor 轉速,或決定一具 servo motor 的方向、位置或轉速。在複雜的機器人身上,常用上好幾顆馬達,因而能以一顆微控制器(microcontroller, uC)產生多組 PWM 訊號是非常實用的。

Software Anti-interference

by YukuanBlog

1998年-Jean Gareau所寫的uCOS2 porting流程/心得?

by mapleelpam
還滿有參考價值的..無論步驟 or x86架構

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