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01 March 2019 14:15

Sendiio Autoresponder

by equis
A powerful autoresponder that allows you to profit from the power of Email, SMS Text and FaceBook Messenger under one central dashboard

04 February 2019 05:15

Ways to Build an Email List Fast

by arslan220
Every business looks to build an email list and they want to do it fast. The question arises, is it really necessary to build a list or there are other ways around. Let's take a look.

29 January 2019 04:15

Ever wonder why your open rates are low?

by arslan220
You know, email marketing is still very effective, but it is changing. Specially, ISP spam filters are updating every now and then, and marketers really have to adapt to these changes in order to remain up to date.

10 January 2019 05:00

Introducing SMTP Relay Service

by arslan220
My team and I have been working very hard day and night burning midnight oil to bring you a yet another powerful service. SMTP relay service allows you to use our SMTP channel to deliver your email campaigns.

07 January 2019 05:00


by arslan220
Bulk emails go into the spam, or get blocked. Why? Well, if you have low open rates, your emails get flagged by spam filters, or at times situation gets worse and results in permanent blocking. Either way, it not only wastes time and money, but is also useless.

03 January 2019 05:15

Some of the Most Important Things you didn't know about Mass Email Marketing

by arslan220
However, email marketing is still one of the most effective forms of marketing, if used properly and effectively. As a matter of fact, the internet marking experts prefer the old fashioned methods of marketing rather than the new ones.

02 January 2019 05:00

Tips To Find Best Email Marketing Solutions and Services

by arslan220
In most of the entrepreneurial affairs, marketing activities are allocated with the least portion of the overall budget. It is therefore always required to take steps cautiously while spending on your promotional activities. Since the past decade, internet has increasingly been drawing marketers towards direct email marketing.

01 January 2019 05:15

5 Tips to Improve Open Rate of an Email Marketing Campaign

by arslan220
Email marketing, by and large, is the most commonly used marketing technique employed by both big as well as small companies. With the world going unbelievably tech dependent, most of the people find themselves checking their emails several times a day and that’s what encourages the retailers to use bulk email marketing

24 December 2018 05:00

5 Mistakes Every E-Mail Marketer Must Avoid

by arslan220
E-mail marketing is without doubt a very effective means to not only gain exposure for your business, but also to attract and convert prospective customers to clients.

17 December 2018 05:00

Top Tips To Improve Email Marketing Response Rates

by arslan220
With new and advanced digital marketing tools constantly on the rise, e-mail still remains one of the most effective means to get your message across to a large client base in a very short time.

14 December 2018 05:30

Ways to Build an Email List Fast

by arslan220
Wonder why sometimes despite having all the attributes of a good blog, it doesn’t get traffic which ultimately doesn’t help you earn even a few bucks! Here is when building an email list can be of help. It helps you in running the blog/website successfully, without spending time to convince people to visit your blog and read the latest entry or see the offers. Email list is thus necessary

13 December 2018 02:30

6 Best Tips to Write Effective Email Autoresponder Messages

by arslan220
Autoresponder Messages may not be a preferred substitute over personal responses for many users, but they are definitely a necessary one. Be it a welcome email, a subscription or purchase confirmation email, you simply can’t send each one separately every time a customer interacts with your website in any way and requires a response.

12 December 2018 05:15

Benefits of Email Marketing

by arslan220
Every business is different and every audience responds to different channels in different ways. However, marketing of your business defines the graph of audience response. Email marketing is a highly valuable tool for all types of marketing.

30 November 2018 14:45

Xmails - Best Email Autoresponder

by equis
Send Unlimited Emails to Unlimited Subscribers - No SMTP Required!

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