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2014 - The Ultimate Datasheet Library

by plooki
DatasheetLib: A Massive Library To Find & Download Any Datasheets



section cables

by JJL (via)
Ampérage par section de câble


Montages électroniques

by JJL (via)
Un convertisseur BCD-Binaire Une interrupteur automatique Une sortie d'alimentation protégée pour PC Un testeur d'amplis op Un testeur multi-fonctions Un Simulateur de ligne téléphonique Un commutateur automatique pour FreeBox Un générateur de sonnerie téléphonique Un détecteur de sonnerie pour portier video Inspektor Commander 2 relais avec un seul bouton poussoir Un contrôleur de temperature et ampli pour PC

Sci.electronics FAQ

by JJL
Telephone-related ASCII Schematics V1.01 Telephone in use light Detecting a telephone RING (manual) Phone In-Use Light Phone to audio interface (SSI202 input) Phone Off-Hook Indicator 'phone rang' indicator light Phone Line to Audio Phone in-use Telephone Line Monitor (Plans) Use old phones as an intercom Phone-In-Use indicator Telephone Power? Hold function for Telephone Digital/Standard Phone Line Tester

Pic-Plot2: GPIB to USB converter

by JJL (via)
Pic-Plot2 GPIB to USB converter

USB based GPIB controller

by JJL (via)
# Low-cost GPIB controller # Controls up to 14 instruments # USB Plug-and-Play # LabVIEW drivers

USB - GPIB (IEEE 488.2, HPIB) adapter using PIC18F2550

by JJL (via)
Due to the very high prices of comercial usb-gpib-adapters I tried to build one with a Microcip PIC18f2550 which has just enough I/O-pins, an USB-interface and is quite cheap.

HD44780 Library

by JJL
HD44780 Library - avr freaks

AVR-GCC libraries: LCD library

by JJL
Basic routines for interfacing a HD44780U-based text LCD display.

LCD Simulator {/JavaScipt}

by JJL (via)
Dincer's JavaScript LCD Simulator

Bitmap Calculator

by JJL
Custom Character Calculator

mega-isp - In System Programmer using the AVR Mega8 - Google Project Hosting

by JJL (via)
In System Programmers based on the AVR Mega8 chip, including Arduino(tm) Avrisp protocol firmware (includes support for fuses and locks).

The xPL Project

by JJL
The xPL Project was started in January 2003 by Ian Lowe and Tony Tofts. It’s goal: To create a unified protocol to allow the control and monitoring of all devices within the home, whilst maintaining an unparalleled level of simplicity and ease of use. During the first half of 2003, the protocol was refined to include powerful auto-discovery and configuration capabilities. With the core protocol now in place, much of the work involves integrating xPL support into software and hardware devices.

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