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Anders Conbere

by greut

how to build a fast and efficient XMPP bot that lives in ejabberd.

doing a bot as a client instead of a server module seems outdated already.

How to use ejabberd's pubsub module | ejabberd Community Site

by greut

Pubsub nodes are organized in a hierarchical tree, similar to a file system. mod_pubsub imposes a special structure on this tree. There is a special node, pubsub/nodes, that contains all other created nodes. Nodes of users have names like home/server/username/whatever. If you try to create a node whose name doesn't fit that pattern, you will get an error. If you don't specify a name (i.e. create an instant node), the server generates a name that fits this pattern

Some says that it's the future of feeds, at least server-to-server subscriptions.

Notes d'information - ejabberd

by lecyborg
Liste de contacts partagés - « Shared rosters » Les listes de contacts partagés forment une nouvelle fonctionalité qui permet aux administrateurs d'ejabberd d'ajouter des utilisateurs jabber qui seront présents dans le roster de tous les utilisateurs du server.

Authentification Ldap

by lecyborg
Ce bout de code vient juste après l’article sur l’installation de ejabberd, test de l’authentification ldap. Ca fonctionne très bien ! Il suffit de modifier le fichier de conf /etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.cfg



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