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Equity and Quality in Education

by maf_galiano
Across OECD countries, almost one in every five students does not reach a basic minimum level of skills. In addition, students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds are twice as likely to be low performers. Lack of fairness and inclusion can lead to school failure and this means that one in every five young adults on average drop out before completing upper secondary education. Reducing school failure pays off for both society and individuals. The highest performing education systems across OECD countries combine quality with equity. This report presents policy recommendations for education systems to help all children succeed in their schooling.

2007 - El anuario de los sitios educativos

by MaxiGeek es un anuario de sitios educativos que tratan, de una manera u otra, de pedagogía, formación, educación o aprendizaje en varios campos, por ejemplo: idiomas extranjeros, música, ciencias, astrología, cocina, etc.

Rafael Robles

by pizca & 1 other
diario de mi amigo profesor


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