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October 2006

June 2006

05.30.06 CA: Minimum wage politics

by aflciopolitical
The Legislature plans to take up a bill this week to raise the minimum wage by a dollar and index it to inflation. Gov. Schwarzenegger has already said he would veto such a bill. Apparently the Democrats are going to force him to follow through with that

April 2006

04.05.06 CA: Yes to minimum wage increase, no to escalator

by aflciopolitical
HOW WOULD you like to wait four years for a pay raise? That's what happened to Californians who are working for minimum wage, which has been $6.75 since 2002. Two bills that would give 1.4million minimum-wage earners a raise to $7.75 an hour and adjustmen

04.01.06 WA: Northwest Progressive Institute: Higher minimum wage helps us all

by aflciopolitical
A recent column from John Burbank reminded me that Washington is almost civilized in its treatment of low wage workers. Burbank is head of EOI, the Economic Opportunity Institute, based in Seattle. He and EOI were prime proponents of initiative 688, which

March 2006

Base executive pay on minimum wage level

by aflciopolitical
The minimum wage has not nearly kept pace with the rate of inflation over the past 50 years. It has not increased over the past eight years. Escalation of executive compensation, however, has become a national scandal. I invite you to ponder the value to

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