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January 2007

NewsForge | Open source XML editors examined

by pvergain & 1 other
Despite the numerous benefits of XML, users and developers that work with it realize that XML's versatility is a mixed blessing. How does one design an effective editor for a data format that can be used to express virtually any kind of structured content? A visual editing idiom that is appropriate for developing a user interface with XUL content may not be appropriate for writing an essay with DocBook content. In many cases it becomes necessary to construct a specialized editing environment that provides a unique interface and produces valid XML code, such as Glade or If one were to build a generic XML editor that could support a multitude of vastly disparate content types, how would it work? The structure of a given XML content type is usually specified in a Document Type Definition (DTD) or a Schema. An application can use this data to introduce specializations and interface refinements. Many XML editors employ document meta-data to provide context-sensitive assistance and automation mechanisms.

Connexions: Rhaptos Software Development - Etna XML Editor

by pvergain & 5 others
Etna is an open Source XML Editor built on Mozilla's core, Gecko. It uses some RelaxNG schema to edit and validate XML Documents. See a complete description Latest Release The latest release is 0.3.1. Read More Old release * Etna 0.2 * Etna 0.2.5 * Etna 0.3 Extensions You can download few extensions for Etna here Documents * RelaxNG extensions : this document describes all Relaxng Extensions you can use in your RelaxNG schema, to improve the editing inside Etna.

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