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Use a Single Data Store When Dual Booting - Dual Boot - Lifehacker

by ghis
Dual booting Windows and Linux doesn't mean you have to maintain two separate sets of applications, preferences, and documents. With cross-platform, open-source applications like Firefox, Thunderbird and Pidgin, you can use the same apps with the same configuration automatically no matter what OS you've booted.


Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird, KOrganizer

by nhoizey & 1 other (via)
The purpose of this note is to report on the use of the web browser Mozilla Firefox, the e-mail client Mozilla Thunderbird, and the calendar application Sunbird in a dual boot environment. Specifically, we show how to share bookmarks, mail folders, address books, and calendar files between installations of Firefox, Thunderbird, and Sunbird under Windows XP and Linux.

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