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An Initial Set of Iaido Exercises and Drills - YouTube

by Takwann
This vid shares some of the warm-up exercises I do prior to class or substantial Iaido practice. There are exercises for stretching and strengthening the hands and fore-arms using a Suburi-to, basic drills to strengthen feet, legs, and posture, and lastly a few drills for sharpening Mae.

Masayuki Shimabukuro Samurai Swordsmanship: Drills [8/10] CD2 - YouTube

by Takwann
black belt Hall presents: the art of sword of the samurai in the famous Wizard Masayuki Simabukuro (Masayuki Shimabukuro)-Weapons Instructor of the year, 2006-and his senior disciple Karl e. long (Carl e. long) that demonstrate rituals and technology tell us about the history and construction of the sword of the Samurai. This trehtomnaa DVD collection includes the basics of Iaido, intermediate, and advanced level, as well as interviews with both teachers.

Iaido Kakari Keiko Exercises | Idaho Kendo Club | Boise Idaho | Japanese Kendo and Iaido

by Takwann
You can download the PDF of iaido kakari keiko exercises that Yamasaki sensei teaches. These are useful for building up your basic iaido skills and body condition to support the performance of iaido kata.

How Should You Practice After Training?

by Takwann
Once we finish a personal defense training class, a question that should remain in our minds is, “Where do I go from here?” We trainers almost universally say that you have to practice after a class to ingrain the skills you learned in order to achieve the unconscious competence necessary to prevail in a critical incident. In order to practice properly, you have to have a plan for it. The saying “Only perfect practice makes perfect” applies not only to the physical skills involved but also to the structure of what and how you practice.




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