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January 2013

'DIY streetview' camera lets you be Google | Crave - CNET

by sbrothier
As Google takes Street View off-road with its new Trekker backpacks, German company Streetview Technology is taking the mapping technology in yet another new direction -- DIY terrain.

Look! DIY Platform Bed With Storage | Apartment Therapy

by sbrothier (via)
David tells us his DIY platform bed project isn't yet complete, but we think he's done such a spectacular job with his bed/storage to this point, we wanted to go ahead and share what's he's completed thus far...

December 2012

Sylvia's Super-Awesome Maker Show! |

by gregg
Sylvia's DIY webshow on everything cool and worth Making

November 2012

October 2012

WHE - serigraphe

by Paykhan
Serigraphie, ateler


by Paykhan & 2 others
Créer des mixtapes en ligne avec visuel sur cassette

Mechanical Flipbook

by gregg
Did you ever draw in the corners of a book to create an image that animated as you "flipped" through the pages? Or been to a penny arcade and hand cranked a machine to watch a movie thru a small opening?

September 2012

Wood Lamp, TAF

by sbrothier
The Wood Lamp was originally designed as a limited edition for an installation for RH Chairs is now put into production by the Danish Company Muuto. The Wood Lamp is also part of the Danish Design Museum. The all-wood lamp is a lo-tech counterweight to the usually very modern and technical desk lamps. All details on the lamp are chosen through a pragmatic perspective and all bolts, screws and joints are emphasized. By using very simple methods we have been able to give Wood Lamp a very honest and iconic expression.

July 2012

Projects | chmara.rosinke

by sbrothier
commission us to design a project we will make a chair a lamp or whatever you wish… we can draw pretty nice illustrations, our cheese cake is also quite tasty we can design an interior and the vegetable patch in the backyard and for ambitious clients we’ll design a whole house… and a clay oven….. we’ll cook open air, until everything is ready.

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