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March 2008

Latest NBC Poll: Obama is in Surprisingly Good Shape

by democrattotheend
While his support among white voters has slipped a few points since the last poll, he actually does better among whites against McCain than Clinton, losing the white vote 49-38, as opposed to 53-38 for Clinton. The 11-point deficit among whites might look discouraging, but it’s important to keep in mind that Kerry lost the white vote by 17 points in 2004. Obama is only 3 points below Kerry’s percentage of the white vote (41%), while McCain is 9 points behind Bush’s 58% (the rest are undecided).

Quantitative Analysis - Why Ferraro's Claims are Inaccurate

by democrattotheend
Much has already been said about Geraldine Ferraro’s controversial comments implying that Obama wouldn’t be where he is if he were white (or a woman). The purpose of this post is not to attack or defend her comments, but to test her hypothesis that Clinton has been hampered by her gender while Obama has been helped by his race by looking at the exit poll numbers for people who said that a candidate’s race or gender had any influence on their vote.

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March 2007

Cynici's Domain

by OblivionsPuppet
A place where PR drivel dares to come, where those who are sensitive would best stay away. It's a fact that eventually your political beliefs, religion, sex, race, will probably get poked fun at. I'm an equal opportunist type of person. Still if you want a good read, then come on over.

February 2007

January 2007

Save America! Ron Paul For President!

by jasontromm
While Democrats and Republicans on the Hill continue their “Yeah but now I’m against it” routine, Texas Congressman Ron Paul doesn’t have to issue any apologies. He was always against the invasion and occupation of Iraq, and he’s running for president. ()() This time he's running as a Republican.

December 2006

Chavez and Sheehan Democrat frontrunners for ‘08

by madcapcdale (via)
It appears that the Democrats may have found candidates for the 2008 presidential elections. The ideologies expressed recently at the U.N. by Chavez, and the comments of Sheehan during her protest, are strikingly similar to the rhetoric coming from the Democratic Party for the past five years.

November 2006

The battlefields for freedom

by jasontromm
Don't Be MIA on Election Day You might not be in the military, but you can certainly still fight for freedom, right here on our own shores. How? By voting! With the culture wars at full tilt, it is somewhat surprising that expected voter turn out is forecasted as low as 35 percent. This is particularly troubling since Democrats only need to pick up six seats to gain a majority in the 100-seat Senate. They need only 15 seats out of the 435-seat House to achieve their first majority since being swept out of power in 1994. To not vote is simply a vote for the opposition. As British statesman Edmund Burke once said, ''Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.''

Jihad is fun! Vote Democrat!

by jasontromm
Democrats can't not be crazy. They will instantly set to work enacting a national gay-marriage law, impeachment hearings, slavery reparations and a series of new federal felonies for abortion clinic protesters. The only way to get Democrats to focus on terrorists would be to convince them that the terrorists are interfering with a woman's right to choose or that commercial jetliners exploding in midair are a threat to America's wetlands.

'We R Stuck Hear N Irak'

by jasontromm
As a national uproar continues over comments by Sen. John Kerry suggesting American troops were lazy and not bright, President Bush is hammering Kerry and fellow Democrats for their lack of strategy for winning the war in Iraq, while troops themselves are mocking Kerry. In a photo circulating the Internet today, soldiers were shown holding a banner with intentional misspellings reading: "Halp Us Jon Carry – We R Stuck Hear N Irak."

October 2006

Dems living in a glass house

by jasontromm
It couldn't be a more bizarre political scene; just look at the various positions being taken. The Democrats are howling, demanding the head of a gay Republican congressman on a platter – together with everyone else's in the Republican leadership. The congressman, Mark Foley, checked himself into a rehab clinic, and soon the Democrats were hotly denying that Foley had an addiction problem, noting that nobody ever saw him drink. I am certainly not defending Foley. I would be calling for his head even without the allegations the boy was underage. But the whole specter of the Democrats demanding the heads of the Republican leadership over moral issues that the Democrats defend as a matter of policy is, to say the least, bizarre. Maybe otherworldly in the depth and breadth of their hypocrisy.

Who knew Mark Foley was a closeted Democrat?

by jasontromm
At least liberals are finally exhibiting a moral compass about something. I am sure that they'd be equally outraged if Rep. Mark Foley were a Democrat. The object lesson of Foley's inappropriate e-mails to male pages is that when a Republican congressman is caught in a sex scandal, he immediately resigns and crawls off into a hole in abject embarrassment. Democrats get snippy. Foley didn't claim he was the victim of a "witch hunt." He didn't whine that he was a put-upon "gay American." He didn't stay in Congress and haughtily rebuke his critics. He didn't run for re-election. He certainly didn't claim he was "saving the Constitution."

Foley shames Republicans, but would do Democrats proud

by jasontromm
The Democrats finally have their issue. Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) resigned his seat in the House of Representatives on Friday, September 29, after news leaked that he had sexually harassed an underage male Congressional page. Foley repeatedly e-mailed and instant messaged the page, revoltingly asking him to undress, to measure his genitals with a ruler, to list details regarding frequency and method of masturbation, and to tell Foley when he was aroused. "[I'd] love to slip [your shorts] off you and [grab] the one-eyed snake," Foley messaged the teen.

August 2006

Bigfoot, Scoop Jackson Democrats and other myths

by jasontromm
Democrats don't oppose the war on terrorism because they hate Bush: They hate Bush because he is fighting the war on terrorism. They would hate him for fighting terrorists even if he had a "D" after his name. They would hate Bernie Sanders if he were fighting a war on terrorism. In the past three decades, there have been more legitimate sightings of Bigfoot than of "Scoop Jackson Democrats."

Senate Rejects Minimum Wage Hike, Estate Tax Cut

by jasontromm
Senate Democrats late Thursday refused to accept a bill raising the nation's minimum wage because the bill also would have eliminated the "death tax" on estates up to $5 million. Republicans needed 60 votes to cut off debate and bring the bill to a vote -- but in the end, they managed to muster only 56 votes. Furious Democrats called it "sham" legislation and they accused Republicans of "trickery."

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