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Home Page: Mencken Society

by mikepower
Honoring the memory of and promoting the reading of the living works of Henry Louis Mencken (1880-09-12—1956-01-29), the “Sage of Baltimore”, American author, critic, newspaper man and iconoclast.

USA: Legalize the 'Illegals'

by mikepower
There is no immigration crisis — other than the one created by a small but vocal stripe of opportunist politicians, media demagogues and freelance xenophobes.

village voice > news > Mondo Washington by James Ridgeway

by mikepower
since 9-11, in one test after another, news organizations using undercover teams have easily broken through the FAA security apparatus, rendering the entire business unworkable.

Skirting around the school's 'dress' code

by mikepower
A ban on a New Jersey schoolboy wearing flowery skirts to school has been overturned after the American Civil Liberties Union claimed his rights were being violated.

Shit Happens

by mikepower & 6 others
Close-to-complete Ideology and Religion Shit List

Gore Vidal: President Jonah

by mikepower
We are assured daily by advertisers and/or politicians that we are the richest, most envied people on Earth and, apparently, that is why so many awful, ill-groomed people want to blow us up. Well, we still have Kraft cheese and... the death penalty.

Neave Blog ...pointless, just pointless

by mikepower & 1 other
There's a huge stress on people who publish to the web: the bloggers, the creatives, the nerds trying to prove themselves (me included). Pressure to make new stuff now and have their new stuff accepted by a load of people they've never met before and wil


Junk Science - The Top 10 Junk Science Claims of 2005

by mikepower
It’s that time of year again when we at reflect on all the dubious achievements and irresponsible claims made by the junk science community throughout the year.

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