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Hobby Bilder und Videos

by Citytourist
Tolle Hobby Girls mit Vorschau Bildern und Videos im Girl Portal mit Bild des Tages in jeder Rubrick

Heisse Girls Online

by Citytourist & 1 other
Online Dating mit echt heißen Girls ist ein gefundenes Fressen für den Mann von heute. Ein Onlinedating mit heiße Girls ist eine erholsame Erfahrung für gestresste Männer.



Old-Fashioned Text Flirting Can Bring More Romance into Your

by Jonewilliam & 1 other
Nowadays, the word “text” is mostly associated with text messages on a cell phone. Though the modern technology shifted its meaning, originally the word “text” referred to the written word. For hundred of years, many things were handwritten including romantic letters, of course! So, why not bring a little romance into your life with old-fashioned [...]

Rules for Office Romance

by F&L
Office romance can work if you follow its rules. On the other hand, even if you follow all the rules, there is no guarantee that everything will go on as planned.

acun the maestro

by RobJohn19
this is my friend, acun. he good in flirting with the girls and he's a good dancer too.. i just want to show this video to all people in the world. so everybody can know who is acun :p Author: dontnee Keywords: humor Added: August 21, 2007

Your Own Seduction Story Can Be Better Than Those in Magazin

by Jonewilliam & 2 others
You must have read numerous seduction stories in popular magazines, or you even heard a few, and you must be wondering if they are true. Well, most of them yes! Don’t think that seduction stories are not for real life - in fact, you yourself can create a seduction story worth publishing in a magazine [...]

Alternative HookUp!

by ukup2k6
Alternative dating site for punks,emos,metalheads, rockers and goths.

Astrology Dating

by chernobylnews
These days, dating is an excellent idea, as long as the intentions are honorable. This is the best way to get to know one another. May be a number of dates is required to learn more about a person.


by cyberien (via)
qubox is a scientific way to measure like-mindedness. On you can find new people who think like you, find out which of your friends think alike and find great links recommended by like-minded people.

Get the Right Guy: Flirting Tips for Women

by RobJohn19
There is a new object of interest in your life, and you want him to know about it. Flirting would be just the right thing to do in this situation - but how? You definitely don’t want to fail. Luckily, there are plenty of flirting tips for women to try. 1. Find Out What He Likes This [...]

Internt Turnkey Sites

by wwwguru (via)
Turnkey Websites, Turnkey Website News, More Turnkey Website Resources

Catch Friend

by helloashok
Welcome to Catch Friend! Please register yourself and take a look around. There's lots to see and do, so take your time, meet some new friends, and make yourself at home.

Sex Myths That Can Ruin Even the Strongest Relationship

by F&L
There are many sex myths, that if followed blindly, can ruin even the strongest relationship.

Sex Compatibility for a Strong Relationship

by F&L
Sex might not be the most important thing in life but without sexual compatibility in a couple, the relationship is bound to fail.

Meeting Your Lover's Parents

by F&L
Very often your lover's parents are just nice people and you don't have to devise complex schemes to impress them but sometimes you need to prepare in advance about the moment of meeting them.

Dating a Younger Guy or an Older Woman

by F&L
Age gap relationships can be surprisingly happy relationships

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