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Announcing Administrate

by Spone
Administrate is a new open-source library that helps you create beautiful admin dashboards in Rails apps.



Zend Framework : contrôleur CRUD - WIIP

by dzc
Dans une application MVC qui a besoin de faire persister des données, les contrôleurs doivent réaliser 4 opérations de base qu'on désigne souvent par l'abréviation CRUD : Create, Read, Update et Delete. Pour une application développée avec le Zend Framework, un contrôleur est en fait une classe dérivée de Zend_Controller_Action. Afin d'éviter de dupliquer inutilement du code, les développeurs choisissent souvent d'écrire une classe de base qui fournira une implémentation standard de ces opérations.



by loneseb & 7 others
Lightweight but rich data grid with resizable columns and a scrolling data to match the headers, plus an ability to connect to an xml based data source using Ajax to load the content. Similar in concept with the Ext Grid only its pure jQuery love, which makes it light weight and follows the jQuery mantra of running with the least amount of configuration. Features * Resizable columns * Resizable height and width * Sortable column headers * Cool theme * Can convert an ordinary table * Ability to connect to an ajax data source (XML and JSON[new]) * Paging * Show/hide columns * Toolbar (new) * Search (new) * Accessible API * Many more I'm planning to add an Editable and Resortable rows feature, as well as other cool GUI features. One of my main goal for the plugin is ultimately to keep it lightweight, maybe under 20k when compressed. Because otherwise you should probably stick with Ext Grid or YUI data table.

rabbit-forms - Google Code

by jdrsantos
Rabbit Forms is a CRUD (Create Retrieve Update Delete) automate library. If you see, more than 80% of a system development is based on CRUD operations, Rabbit Forms is made to high speed up these process by providing a good and extensive library providing


L'architecture orientée ressource pour faire des services web RESTful - Biologeek : Ubuntu, bio-informatique et geekeries libres d'un bio-informaticien au quotidien.

by nhoizey & 7 others
Le plus gros défaut de REST, c'est sûrement de se limiter à la comparaison des 4 verbes HTTP (GET, POST, PUT et DELETE) aux 4 actions possibles sur des données issues de bases de données (Retrieve, Create, Update et Delete soit CRUD) uml2symfony

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
The current state of the library can create a symfony yml file from a argoUML Xmi/uml file. It is also meant to automate symfony module and CRUD generation.


by clochix & 5 others
MySQLPHPGrid puts data from a MySQL table in a configurable grid on a webpage. The grid supports sorting of columns, editing of cells, adding rows, deleting rows and pagination. You can display a full MySQL table, or just a subset of a table.



by gbuma
RESTful in Rails

Don't say CRUD say FUC'D.

by benoit & 1 other
HTTP has methods for all four CRUD operators, just like SQL does, and just like Rails controllers do.

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