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Wings to Fly

by milosfineas & 3 others
I love this Bible because of its simplicity. It does not have all of the Bible child story in it, but it has around 300 of them but in those 300 you will learn alot.It gets to the point plus the illustrations by artist Jose Montero are quite excellent- they will reinforce

The Veneration Angel Of Peace Iron Cross

by mayble86
The Veneration Angel Of Peace Iron Cross - I am its Angel Guardian, up an iron fencing as a barrier, which the people could not cross over, It is precisely because the Cross of Christ should be made of none effect (this tells us in no In the Fifth Sorrowf

San Damiano Sculptural Wall Cross

by mayble86
San Damiano Sculptural Wall Cross - Gargoyles & Dragons - San Damiano Sculptural Wall Cross The Goddess Laurel samuel young gardener sculpture san damiano sculptural wall cross Gargoyles & Dragons - Ganesha Wall Sculpture Ganesha Wall Sculpture ã

Welcome to Cross Language Evaluation Forum

by bhenriet
The Cross-Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF) supports global digital library applications by (i) developing an infrastructure for the testing, tuning and evaluation of information retrieval systems operating on European languages in both monolingual and cro

2006 > Making Cross-Viewer SVG Content Development Easier

by stan
Making Cross-Viewer SVG Content Development Easier Posted by stelt apropos tools on Tue Aug 1st, 2006 at 16:44:03 BST To ease the development of cross-viewer SVG content I have started the SVG devbar, a collection of handy bookmark(let)s and a non-blank document to start coding SVG with. Both are meant to prevent and pinpoint bugs in your code and work around viewer shortcomings. Though this combination has a few very simple but handy functions already, it is in its very early stages. Several planned features are not yet implemented. Next to just bookmarklets, it might also grow into a rich Firefox SVG extension for example. Feedback is very welcome (e.g. feature requests, bugreports, offers of help).

Easy Site Benchmarking

by JayFre
The Easy Benchmarking Suite consists of a set of Perl programs that make website benchmarking easy and repeatable.

Jase's Books - Handbound Gothic Parchment Journals, Grimoires, Diaries and Albums

by EllieG
Amazing hand crafted journals of parchment, suede and leather, festooned with intricate hinges, metal corners, locks, clasps and personalized designs. Perfect for journal, magickal grimoire, Book of Shadows, guestbook, herbal. Commissions welcome. Cool!!!

Making 3D Digital Photos

by ckerekes
Article walks you through the process of making 3D images, also called stereoptic images, with nothing more than your digital camera and your favorite digital photo editing software.


The Tangent | 圓切綫

by lynnhz
The Tangent is a Singaporean civil society group which discusses issues mainly in the Chinese language and promotes cross-cultural communication among different segments of society. 圆切线是一个新加坡公民社会团体,以汉语进行讨论,及鼓励社会不同角落之间的跨文化交流。


by kuroyagi
……Love is the answer (by T.O.K) ってか。 iPod shuffle を十字架に、というアクセサリ。


by eban777
Scratchbox is a cross-compilation toolkit designed to make embedded Linux application development easier. Supported targets include ARM, x86, and PowerPC.

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