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What's the harm?

by Ithil
It is vital in the midst of this deluge that each of us be able to sort through all of this, keeping the useful information and discarding the rest. This requires the skill of critical thinking . Unfortunately, this is a skill that is often neglected in schools.



by knann (via)
MyPlace is a comprehensive exploration of our current world. It encourages students to find their place today and where they want to be tomorrow. Students will engage in a year-long exploration that seeks to help them find their place in this changing world. We hope that they can make inspired choices about how to use their school years as well as venture into their adult lives with confidence and enthusiasm. For additional information and background, see: * Paths for Teachers * About the Teachers’ Place * CEQALL


Thinking Games - :

by totdz
Forum community about online thinking games. Covers brain teasers, contest puzzles, math puzzles, Supaplex, Klotski, Sokoban, and other critical thinking games. Also, you will find there more than 300 Arcade online games, as well as solutions and new tricks for many levels and games.

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