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Crisis On Infinite Earths

by alamat (via)
These include the deaths of Kara (the original Supergirl) and Barry Allen (the silver age Flash, who was the main Flash character for almost 30 years). These are some of the best deaths ever written in comics, especially the Flash’s horific death against the story’s antagonist the Anti-Monitor.

Identity Crisis

by alamat (via)
Up until recently I’ve been a very casual comic book reader. After reading various comics published by DC that mentioned “Identity Crisis” and finding it hard to avoid “spoilers” everywhere on the web I picked this up the day it was released to get caught up and find out what all the fuss was about. After closing the book, I was shocked about how much a “superhero book” could affect me emotionally. I had lost a very beloved family member a few days before reading this, and I’ll admit it did affect the way I viewed this book. But in looking back at it “cold”, I believe it stands incredibly well as a graphic novel, a tragic love story and a mystery.



witness the destruction for yourself

by crazy_chris
Crisis in Darfur: Google & US Holocause Memorial Museum started a collaboration to bring hi-resolution images of the region to Google Earth.


Xabel, una historia sobre una futura crisis digital contada post a post

by xabel (via)
Xabel, una historia de ciencia ficicón sobre una futura crisis digital contada post a post.

Core Strategy Group - The Crisis Avoidance Experts

by tagtooga
The concept of the core strategy group is taken from politics — the strategic center of any successful campaign represents every key aspect of the campaign, from advance operations to policy to organization to research and analysis to communications.

Communications and public relations firms offering crisis management services.

by tagtooga
PR and communcations firms specializing or offering crisis management services.


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