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Glass Attic *Polymer Clay Encyclopedia*

by kathleen_vincent
Over 1700 pages of information on almost everything relating to polymer clay. Lots of lessons, projects, techniques and ideas, links to examples, lists of tools that can be used, supply resources and tips for problem-solving.


Sprite Generator

by sylvainulg (via)
get your brain running and your pencil burning!



Inside Out

by Sarcomical
this one's a very new discovery for me, and i like to look through the blog section especially. their description says it best: "Part literary publication, part therapeutic expression, our aim is to promote creativity for self-development through the publication of a diverse mix of artistic work, all with a focus on self-awareness and self-help. Why? Because we believe that sometimes simply owning something on the page is all it takes to move past it and move on, for both reader and creator."


Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: Build a Neighborhood Activity

by knann
A neighborhood is a place where people live, work, play and pretend. What kind of neighborhood picture do you want to make? A house, a farm, a construction site or our Neighborhood of Make-Believe? Create a scene then write about it! Choose one area to get started, then create your own neighborhood with the pictures on the bottom

Sir Ken Robinson on TED

by wabaus
Sir Ken Robinson on TED: Do schools kill creativity?

Gin, Television, and Social Surplus - Here Comes Everybody

by jeanruaud
it's only now, as we're waking up from that collective bender, that we're starting to see the cognitive surplus as an asset rather than as a crisis. We're seeing things being designed to take advantage of that surplus, to deploy it in ways more engaging t

coolstop - clearing new roads to cool creativity

by jdrsantos
Online since October, 1997, coolstop's mission is to provide fresh pointers, primarily to the non-commercial, creative side of the web. With an eye out for honest personal expression, excellence in web design, and original creative content, coolstop recog

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