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May 2006

Counting the cost of counterfeiting | CNET

by truthhere
Counting Q&A As the head of Microsoft's antipiracy program, Michala Alexander has one of the more unenviable posts in the software giant's U.K. operations.he cost of counterfeiting

October 2005

Counting Stick

by knann
This is a great whole class tool for counting activities. Choose a starting point and a pattern (ie 4) then click play. Clicking watch reveals the next number. Click hints for more info.

Pirate Numbers

by knann
You are a pirate, count the barrels in the water, enter the number and press the button to attack the island base. Counting and typing numbers to 20. Headphones needed!!!

Behind the Blob game

by knann
Great number sequence game for whole class instruction. Allows for a variety of patterns that are teacher selected.

July 2005

Count Us In Games

by knann
Each game is designed to help children understand basic concepts in mathematics. Click on the Games button for a description of each game

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