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First multi-service cooperative for professional artists in NY Metro area

by rikuniaku97
Flash site & brand identity designed by Gerard Dalmon & Eric Vidal - ART-TROPE was born when artist Virginie Tison envisioned an idea to help artists promote their work: provide them with high profile, international locales to exhibit their work, at minimal expense. Today, artists face a mounting challenge in their career: to divide their time between creating art and managing the business of their art. With ART-TROPE, artists can find everything they need: exhibit planning, their very own micro-website, discounted art services, and much more. Artists can focus on being creative and can work independently, while ART-TROPE worries about their promotional & exhibit planning. ART-TROPE ensures effective connections between artists, exhibition sites, and sponsors - everything it takes to break into the art world. ART-TROPE'S mission is to create professional relationships for artists by connecting them with high-profile exhibition sites and well-established sponsors in the creative arena. ART-TROPE helps artists find their place in the professional art market, giving them the opportunity to evolve in every direction they desire. ART-TROPE charges artists a minimal fee and allows them to be independently creative. ART-TROPE builds the bridge between artists, exhibition spaces, and businesses passionate about art.


Bearstech / Accueil

by fredbird & 1 other
Société Coopérative de services et de conseil en logiciel libre, SSLL, Bearstech propose des services d'expertise, de gestion de projet et de développement


HCoop: The Internet Hosting Cooperative

by fredbird (via)
We are an Internet hosting service and community, run democratically as a non-profit corporation. HCoop members pool their resources to support most any services that qualify as "Internet hosting."

Expansion For Horizons: Empire of Istaria Announced

by Antauri
Tulga Games LLC is a privately held digital game publisher and developer. Tulga’s titles include the popular Massively Multiplayer On-line RPG, MMORPG, Horizons: Empire of Istaria and the upcoming Dark World On-line.

900+ Web 2.0 Sites in 50+ categories : Categorized Lists : eConsultant

by eConsultant & 67 others
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Wiki coopératique

by fredbird
Bienvenue sur le Wiki de la coopératique, le site d'informations sur les technologies de collaborations.

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