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by Spone
Continuous visual integration for web apps



Intégration continue d'un projet Django

by Xavier Lacot
L'ami Nicolas Perriault présente comment faire de l'intégration continue avec Django, lors de la conférence "Djangocong". Et en plus il fait ça bien, chouette :)

Template for Jenkins Jobs for PHP Projects

by Xavier Lacot
The goal of this project is to provide a standard template for Jenkins jobs for PHP projects.


technique @PMSIpilot » Code coverage des tests unitaires d’un projet symfony et intégration dans Hudson CI

by Xavier Lacot
Un exemple d'automatisation de tests unitaires avec symfony et Hudson. Le point intéressant est le calcul de la couverture des tests - idéalement, on doit tendre vers 100.

wrock::blog | The Perfect Build Part 3: Continuous Integration with and NANT for Visual Studio Projects

by brianwaustin (via)
A couple months after migrating to subversion, we took another significant step to improve our build process by setting up a continuous integration server using and NANT. As explained in the previous post in this blog series, our new SVN repository structure supported a clear separation of development, staging and production environments. Now we needed something to assist in making sure that commits and changes to the repository resulted in actual builds being generated on the appropriate server.

Howto create custom rule sets for PHPMD

Normally when you start using a quality assurance tool, you will not want to use it's default configuration. Sometimes you would like to use only a subset, because the full stack will produce too much noise, or you would like to customize some thresholds, because the factory defaults do not fit to your environment. In this blog post I give a short introduction into PHPMD's rule set syntax and howto to create your own rule set, by reusing parts of the existing default configuration.


by Xavier Lacot
CCMenu displays the project status of CruiseControl continuous integration servers as an item in the Mac OS X menu bar.


PHP and Hudson « Top Topic ?

by RETFU & 1 other
Hudson is extensible continuous integration engine used for Java projects. It’s architecture can be used for others languages as PHP too.


by RETFU & 1 other
PHP Class to Hudson Remote API


by Nicolas Lescure & 1 other
PHP Class to Hudson Remote API

PHP and Hudson « Top Topic ?

by Nicolas Lescure & 1 other (via)
Hudson is extensible continuous integration engine used for Java projects. It’s architecture can be used for others languages as PHP too.

Continuous Integration Feature Matrix

by Nicolas Lescure
There are many Continuous Integration systems available. This page is an attempt to keep an unbiased comparison of as many as possible of them. The goals are: * Make it easier to choose an appropriate CI tool for your project. * "Healthy competition aid" for the people involved in the development of these various CI systems.

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