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» The incredible shrinking SOA vendor pool: good or bad? | Service-Oriented Architecture |

by nhoizey
Consolidation through mergers and acquisition may be a plus if the large vendor integrates the acquired technology into their platform, thus saving developers from having to work on infrastructure integration before they can tackle application integration

What Sleep can teach us about unlocking learning potential

by smartkit
As people dose off to sleep every night, their brains perk up and get to work. The brain uses this time to process all the new information from the day and begins reviewing, organizing, problem solving and memorizing among other things. In addition, athletes, surgeons and game addicts should read up on how the brain works because sleep actually helps to increase your motor skills by up to 33.5% and reduces errors by 30%.


Consolidation and virtualization: The same, but different

by holyver
Many IT administrators have discovered that there is overlap between consolidation and virtualization, and they are wondering how they should reconcile these two techniques in datacenter environments. Virtualization tools such as partitions, virtual machines, and resource management software all enable multiple dominant workloads to run simultaneously on larger servers, which is typically a key aspect of consolidation. But virtualization also offers far-reaching opportunities for administrators to fundamentally transform the operations in their datacenters.


by jasontromm
If all goes as expected at this Sunday’s Academy Awards, Brokeback Mountain will win in the “Best Picture,” “Best Director,” and perhaps even “Best Actor” categories. Even if it doesn’t do as well as expected, the film is already being hailed as a “breakout” event, a kind of cultural watershed of sorts—which it almost certainly is not.

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