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Dedroidify Streaming Vids

by dedroidify
My huge collection of streaming video documentaries, interviews and lectures with the categories Consciousness, Enlightening Comedy, Mystery History, Many Bloodsucking Insects (Poli-Tics) & Conspiracy, UFO & NASA (Never A Straight Answer), Science & Free Energy, Lectures and Music Videos. Moved to a new website and no more (untagged) broken links :) Spread the word! Don't get bored - get enlightened!

Dedroidification - Mind Expanding Mission

by awareness
A great mind expanding site dealing with a range of topics, features over 100 articles and includes a page with a huge collection of streaming videos of the same content.


Test your Intuition, Try these Psychic games and contribute to science.

by believefactor
At some point in our lives, we have all felt that there is something more to the world. Now, science is attempting to answer some of the questions about the true nature of our intuitive abilities. Is there a connection between humans that goes beyond our physical senses?

some Excerpt from WMM-WingMakers造翼者衝浪部落-新浪部落

by neosho
SOURCE REALITY First Source exists in Source Reality. Source Reality is the dimension of consciousness that is always pushing the envelope of expansion—the leading edge of development and evolution for the whole of consciousness. In this realm of dynamic expansion is always found Source Reality. It can be likened to the inner sanctum of First Source or the incubator of cosmological expansion. There is no identity as a place in time because it is outside of time and non-time. It is the seam between the two, perfectly invisible and yet absolutely real.

Deepak Chopra -Q&A - Nervous System-WingMakers造翼者衝浪部落-新浪部落

by neosho
Answer: I see the nervous system as the intermediary system between the non-local quantum realm and the physical translation of consciousness into the physical structures of the body. Some leading research in the field of consciousness indicates that the microtubule structure of nerve cells are responsive to quantum effects.


Online papers on consciousness

by yeapku & 3 others
a directory of 2341 online papers on consciousness and related topics


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