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Black Friday Laptop Sales for 2011 Season

by danijelzi (via)
Check out this page to see what laptop, netbook, and tablet offers will be available in the US for the upcoming Black Friday 2011. The page is daily updated.

Cooking, computers and hacking: School accused of global scam

by alamat (via)
Depending on your perspective, Lanxiang vocational school in Jinan in eastern China is either the heart of a secretive global hacking conspiracy or a second-rate educational factory that is best known for churning out hairdressers and cooks.


IP Routers : Speed, Security and Economy

by access2
IP routers -- often called broadband routers or just routers -- direct network traffic to its proper destination, and so help to reduce the load on every system in the network. Once the exclusive domain of IT professionals, a wide variety of small but extremely capable routers are now available for the home & small business markets.

Association MO5.COM : Expositions, musée, histoire de l'informatique et des jeux vidéo

by cyborgjeff & 1 other
Depuis plus de 10 ans, les collectionneurs fondateurs de l'association MO5.COM ont assemblé une des plus grandes collections d'Europe, dédiée à l'histoire de l'informatique et des jeux vidéo. Ils la font vivre au travers d'expositions interactives ouvertes au public tout en préparant son avenir dans un futur musée.


PCs - Recycled / Special Charity Pricing

by z0man (via)
List of all charity based Recycled PC organizations.

Computer Aid International

by z0man (via)
Providing you have more than one computer, you can donate them to this place

Royal Pingdom » The history of computer data storage, in pictures

by kasi77
Nowadays we are used to having hundreds of gigabytes of storage capacity in our computers. Even tiny MP3 players and other handheld devices usually have several gigabytes of storage. This was pure science fiction only a few decades ago. For example, the first hard disk drive to have gigabyte capacity was as big as a refrigerator, and that was in 1980. Not so long ago!

Everex gPC VIA 1.5GHz Desktop Computer | And Computers Info

by johnmccollim
Everex gPC VIA Desktop PC - VIA C7-D 1.5GHz, 512 DDR2, 80GB HDD, DVD-ROM/CD-RW, 10/100 LAN, gOSThink Green…The Low Watt - Low Price Computer for the MassesThis is the computer that was sold out within a day of hitting the shelves at Wal-Mart. Discover what the world is talking about… This Everex computer fits the demands of a new era of users. With popular applications from Google, Mozilla, Skype, and more, you’ll find one of the most simple, powerful, fun and intuitive computing experiences available. Surf the web, email friends and family or play your latest DVDs. Everex makes it easy for everyone with the gPC operating system. Everex has also packed this computer with a 20 watt VIA C7-D processor, 512MB of DDR2 memory, an 80GB hard drive, a DVD-ROM/CD-RW combo optical drive, and speakers. Since the operarting sytem uses very little resources the cpu and ram is more than enough for unheard of blazing speeds. Save

AMD Athlon X2 BE-2400 2.3 Dual Core 45w Processor

by johnmccollim
The energy efficient 45-watt AMD Athlon X2 dual core processor is designed to reduce the noise and heat emitted from computers. While extending the life span of your CPU, motherboard and hardware. AMD’s energy efficient 45-watt processors are

Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe WiFi-AP Motherboard

by johnmccollim
If your computers motherboard could speak, the Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe Wi-Fi-AP would roar. And this super charged AM2 ATX motherboard carries its own revolutionary ASUS Cool mempipe(10°C Cooler) heat pipe to tame the flames of your scorching hot computer system. HyperTransport 3.0 Support, Latest System Bus Technology - Provides 2.6 times more bandwidth than HT1.0 that radically improves system efficiency for a smoother, faster computing environment. Built for the latest AMD Phenom Quad-Core processors, the Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe/Wi-Fi-AP supports dual-channel DDR2

HP dx2250 RT949UT AMD 2.0GHz Dual Core Desktop Computer

by johnmccollim
HP dx2250 RT949UT AMD Desktop Computer - AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ 2.0GHz Dual Core CPU, 2GB DDR2, 80GB SATA II, DVD-ROM/CD-RW, Flash Media Reader, 10/100 LAN, Windows XP Professional, MicroTower

Mach Speed MSNV-939 Motherboard /AMD 2.4GHz CPU Bundle

by johnmccollim
Mach Speed motherboards offer affordable, high end platforms for AMD Socket 939 based computers. These efficient motherboards are built for AMD’s Athlon 64FX, Athlon 64 and Athlon 64 X2 processors, enabling simultaneous 32 and 64-bit computing. And this motherboard cpu combo comes equipped with a AMD 2.4GHz CPU for speed to power you thru your workload. The Mach Speed MSNV-939 supports Hyper Transport Technology up to 2000MT/s full duplex, up to 4GB dual channel 333/400MHz DDR memory, SATA (150MB/s), PCI-Ex16, PCI-Ex1, PCI, 6-channel audio, NVIDIA nForce4 technology and Fast Ethernet LAN.

Merlin Mann

by springnet
Merline Mann's blog SF CA of 43 Folders and MacBreak Weekly nailing down speaking gigs including sxsw 08 creator of 5ives

Common File Extensions

by springnet
Common file extensions that are good to know, organized by file format.

I, Cringely . The Pulpit . Google-Mart | PBS

by springnet
in a secret area off-limits even to regular GoogleFolk, is a shipping container. But it isn't just any shipping container. This shipping container is a prototype data center. Google hired a pair of very bright industrial designers to figure out how to cra

by ksp & 2 others
An Unofficial ASUS Eee PC EeePC 701 Community

2007 | VAIO® UX Series Micro PC

by springnet
4.5” widescreen display11 with XBRITE™ LCD technology delivers a clean, crisp viewing surface while an Intel® Core™ Solo Ultra Low Voltage processor and Windows Vista™ Business operating system14 provide full-size PC performance in a Micro PC for

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