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Tuturials in cg by scott schaefer

by MaGo
Image Deformation Using Moving Least Squares Mean Value Coordinates for Closed Triangular Meshes A Geometric Construction of Coordinates for Convex Polyhedra using Polar Duals Subdivision Schemes and Attractors Dual Marching Cubes: Primal Contouring of Dual Grids Lofting Curve Networks using Subdivision Surfaces Smooth Subdivision of Tetrahedral Meshes Adaptive Vertex Clustering Using Octrees On C^2 Triangle/Quad Subdivision Barycentric Coordinates for Convex Sets Smooth Geometry Images A Factored Approach to Subdivision Surfaces Teaching Computer Game Design and Construction Turtle Geometry in Computer Graphics and Computer Aided Design Recursive Turtle Programs and Iterated Affine Transformations Dual Contouring: "The Secret Sauce" Dual Contouring of Hermite Data Convex Contouring of Volumetric Data A Factored Interpolatory Subdivision Scheme for Surfaces of Revolution A Factored Interpolatory Subdivision Scheme for Quadrilateral Surfaces A subdivision scheme for hexahedral meshes


Serenity (2005) the Movie: News, Articles, Resources, Images - CG Explorer

by xaxxy (via)
News and Resources about Universal Studios's Serenity. The feature film based on the Firefly TV series. Release date: 30th September 2005


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