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Free Online Books on Programming Java C++ C Literature Computer Science

by ionial
Free on line books on java,c,c++,visual basic,visual c++,free online books,free books,full books online,mathematics,algebra,graph,number theory,numerical analysis,video lectures,algorithm,operating system,lectures on algorithm.

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ETH Oberon home page - modern integrated software environment.

by macroron
Computer Systems Institute at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. a single-user, multi-tasking system that runs on bare hardware or on top of a host operating system. Oberon - a programming language in the Pascal/Modula tradition.

Publications ~Niklaus Wirth

by macroron
Programming in Oberon (2004) - A derivative of Programming in Modula-2 (1982) [PDF (334 KB)] Algorithms and Data Structures (1985) (Oberon version: August 2004) [PDF (1'241 KB)]

December 2005

Free computer science books and lecture notes

by macroron & 25 others
This site lists free online computer science and engineering books (+lecture notes), all of which are freely and legally available over the Internet.

November 2005

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