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les mains noires

by shadoko (via)
Les Mains Noires.blogspot est un projet comprenant de multiples facettes destiné à tous les curieux amoureux de musiques et d'images. Souhaitant diffuser et partager la musique que l'on affectionne, vous pourrez entre autres y télécharger des compilations concoctées par nos soins juste pour le plaisir de vos oreilles. Compilations thématiques, éclectiques et pointues, un maximum de styles musicaux y seront représentés. Ces sélections seront illustrées autant que possible par des artworks originaux réalisés pour l'occasion. Mais cela n'est que la partie émergée de l'iceberg. Derrière, se cache un projet que l'on peut globalement définir d' étude socio-photographique du phénomène de collection. Je souhaite donc vous proposer en plus de la musique, différents reportages issues de voyages et de rencontres. Au travers de discussions sur la relation à la musique et au disque en tant qu'objet, nous tenterons de comprendre les motivations profondes de ces individus qui font de leur vie une recherche perpétuelle de découvertes musicales. Le travail photographique permettra quand à lui d'illustrer et d'immortaliser ces instants ainsi que de rendre hommage à la démarche et au travail de ces passionnés. Dans une société où la culture est masquée par une éducation de masse, il me paraît nécessaire de contribuer, à mon échelle, à la sauvegarde et à la diffusion du patrimoine musical mondial.


Ntop - Community Ubuntu Documentation

by nicolargo
Compiler Ntop depuis les sources sous Ubuntu

PHP Advent 2009 / PHP in Odd Places

by Xavier Lacot
A tutorial on how to build a mobile application with php-gtk.


10 Qualitative Tools to Improve Your Website | Tools | instantShift

by dzc
compilation of some of the best qualitative tools out there, all of which you can start using to improve your website today. These tools will help you understand how users interact with your site and, most importantly, why they act the way that they do.

ginatrapani's greasemonkey-multi-script-compiler at master - GitHub

by nhoizey
Builds a standalone Firefox extension from Greasemonkey user scripts, with a user interface that lets you turn any script on or off.


by mbertier (via)
COMPILATION Microhorror Vol.2


by nhoizey
Ma petite MuxTape à moi, un grave mélange de genres, à l'image de mes goûts éclectiques


musique corse : Editions Productions Ricordu

by fotopol
Polyphonies corses. Corsican polyphonies. 35 titres Ce double album est LA compilation de chants et polyphonies corses qui vous fera découvrir les diverses formes de chants de l'île.



by dfracheb
GIRL MONSTER VOLUME 1, IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF RE-WRITING MUSICAL HISTORY! The Triple CD compilation GIRL MONSTER Volume 1 on Chicks On Speed Records, celebrates the re-written history and future of womens creative audio outputs, to further invent and challenge the future of music and push the boundaries of sound and pop around the world!!! GIRL MONSTER tells a rich historical story, from the original girl monsters of punk and post punk to contemporary tricksters and electro-rock pranksters Female heroes of the late 70ies and early 80ies like The Slits, The Raincoats or Malaria! appear alongside contemporary classics like Björk, Le Tigre, Peaches or Chicks On Speed. But what sets the compilation apart from all the other compilations around the topic of Women and Music is that it is not just a collection of what everybody knows already, packaged under the misleading slogan of Women in Rock, instead this compilation creates a movement of its own, containing 2/3 EXCLUSIVE tracks, showcasing some of the finest (and mostly unreleased) tracks from a worldwide underground network of female musicians, even following in the tracks of some of the classics like Tina Weymouth (Tomtom Club/Talking Heads), Cosey Fanni Tutti (Throbbing Gristle), Siouxsie Sioux (Siouxsie and the Banshees), or Ana da Silva (The Raincoats) by featuring their latest productions. This specially priced and packaged 3 CD set contains 60 tracks, (of which 40 exclusively appear on Girl Monster), an 8-page Girl Monster Newspaper with exclusive texts by Lucy OBrien (author of the classic She-Bop), Shirley O'Loughlin (The Raincoats) and others. Designed by Chicks On Speed and Factor Product. The 3 CD set has a playing time of more than 3½ hours. Girl Monster was conceived by Alex Murray-Leslie from Chicks on Speed, and realised in conjunction with Anat Ben David and Chicks on Speed Records. Watch out for future volumes. CD ONE -|-> 01. Girl Monster Intro 02. Scream Club Vs. Ben Adorable Feat. Peaches - Fine As Fuck 03. Mignon - Demons Of Love 04. Le Tigre - Hot Topic 05. Barbara Morgenstern - Mountain Place 06. Angie Reed - G. G. (Gaudy Good) 07. Pam Hogg - Honeyland 08. Rhythm King And Her Friends - Speedometer 09. Hanin Elias - Get It Back 10. Kevin Blechdom - Me Saw Me Momma 11. Ana da Silva - Full Moon 12. Anat Ben David - Virtual Leisure 13. Sir Alice - Super Hero 14. Chicks On Speed - Plastic Surgery 15. Vivien Goldman - Launderette 16. Tina Weymouth - Incognito 17. Client - Down To The Underground 18. Kids On TV - Break Dance Hunx (Market Value Mix) 19. Boyskout - School Of Etiquette 20. Erase Errata Dust 21. No Bra - No Woman No Crime CD TWO -|-> 01. Pulsallama - Ungawa Pt. 2 (Way Out Guyana) Remix 02. The Slits - Typical Girls (Live) 03. Delta 5 - Mind Your Own Business 04. Cherry Sunkist - Nameless Dogs 05. Japanese Intelligence Mind Control - Get The Picture 06. Autonervous - Anchors Away 07. Cobra Killer - Mr. Chang 08. Planningtorock - Changes 09. Hanayo - Pita Pata 10. Björk - Storm 11. Tobi Vail - Panic Of The Square 12. Gustav - We Shall Overcome 13. Bonnie Vs. Hunter - Our Inventions 14. Françoise Cactus - You Cant Put Your Arms Around A Memory 15. LiliPUT - Die Matrosen 16. Katastrophe - Your Girlfriend 17. Lesbians On Ecstasy - Sedition 18. Electric Indigo & Dorit Chrysler - Sheets 19. Cosey Fanni Tutti - Licking The Juice CD THREE -|-> 01. Hotel Motel - Sucker Man 02. Gudrun Gut - Girl Boogie 03. The Creatures - Godzilla (Siouxsie And Budgies Girl Monster Mix) 04. Soffy O - Maybe A Dog 05. Ella Bandita - New Year's Eve 06. Las Perras Del Infierno - Somos las Perras 07. Juliette And The Licks - You're Speaking My Language 08. Miss Le Bomb - Pinkitan 09. Cat5 - Sexy 10. Robots In Disguise - Get RID! 11. People Like Us - Fom Fom 12. Michaela Melián - Manifesto 13. Susanne Brokesch - Heroes 14. Scream Club Vs. Leonard DeLeonard - International 15. Crystal Cookie - Crystal Cookie (Lesson 1) 16. Caro Snatch - Say Trees 17. Malaria! - Your Turn To Run 18. The Raincoats - Shouting Out Loud 19. Vivien Goldman w/ Andy Caine & Manasseh Sound - Seven Days 20. Ari Up - Baby Mother (Toxicgirl Strip Mix) 21. Miss Pain - Sell It 2 The Kids (Megaphone) available from

by boninmat
Programme open-source installant en une seule fois plus de 1000 polices de caractères

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