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23 November 2009 16:15

jQSlickWrap - Slick text wrapping for jQuery

by vrossign & 3 others
To do this, it needs to have access to the individual pixels of the images it's operating on -- which is why for jQSlickWrap to work, you need to have a browser that supports HTML 5's new canvas element. Here's an overview of the algorithm: 1. If necessary, pre-load the image. 2. Determine the CSS styles for the image (float and padding). 3. Create a canvas element and set its dimensions to the size of the image plus its padding. 4. Draw the image onto the canvas in the top-left location. 5. Figure out the "background" color of the image by examining the pixel data at the top-left corner of the image. 6. Fill the canvas with this background color.

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