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SVG_roundies: Code-only rounded HTML boxes with SVG

by Spone
SVG_roundies is a port of Drew Diller's excellent DD_roundies library. While DD_roundies uses Microsoft's VML to add rounded corners to boxes and thus only works in Internet Explorer this library is based on the W3C standard SVG. SVG is supported by Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome but not by Internet Explorer. That said in practice you want to use DD_roundies and SVG_roundies together. As SVG_roundies is a port of DD_roundies both libraries provide the very same interface and produce the same results. Only their implementation differs. If you know DD_roundies you can use SVG_roundies in a minute.

DD_roundies: Code-only rounded HTML boxes

by Spone & 1 other
This is a Javascript library that makes creation of rounded-corner HTML boxes easier, with a focus on Internet Explorer. IE is supported through use of VML. Standards-compliant browsers are, by default, ignored.


Encadrer ses textes

by prac53
Avec un peu de CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) il est possible d'encadrer ses textes avec des blocs div. Utiliser des coins arrondis. Faire flotter ses boîtes de texte


RoundedCornr: Rounded Corner and Gradient Generator

by temps & 40 others (via)
générer images et code HTML/CSS pour des DIV aux coins arrondis avec ou sans bordures et avec ou sans dégradés.

swfIR Examples: Rounded Corners within Content

by temps (via)
bords arrondis avec JS et autres script type image élastique

Spiffy Box - Simple Rounded Corner CSS Boxes made easy.

by temps & 2 others (via)
générer des images pour coins arrondis sur div


Coins arrondis - WebmasterHub

by atsazooberman
Discution sur les coins arrondis sur WebmasterHub

Coins arrondis - Rounds Corners

by atsazooberman & 1 other
Quelle est la meilleures solution pour faire des coins arrondis, js ou pur css?


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