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Kofi & Co, São Paulo - Comentários de restaurantes - TripAdvisor

by tadeufilippini
Kofi & CoEste estabelecimento é seu? 25 avaliações N.º 1.356 de 37.018 Restaurantes em São Paulo $Café, Internacional, Contemporânea Rua Alexandre Dumas, 1518 | Chácara Santo Antônio, São Paulo, Estado de São Paulo 04717-003, Brasil +55 11 3624-4838 Site



How To Make A Coffee Machine Out Of Two Light Bulbs - Digg

by sbrothier
Mmm, tastes like shards of glass, with notes of aluminum!

It’s official: Americans should drink more coffee - The Washington Post

by sbrothier
When the nation's top nutrition panel released its latest dietary recommendations on Thursday, the group did something it had never done before: weigh in on whether people should be drinking coffee. What it had to say is pretty surprising.


Travel Coffee Kit | Timbuk2 + Blue Bottle Coffee

by sbrothier
Everything you need to brew. Just add water.


by sbrothier
The boldly built Ratio Eight was designed for an ideal balance between beauty and performance.

Fancy - Coffee Lovers

by sbrothier
“Coffee - the favorite drink of the civilized world.” ― Thomas Jefferson


FrancisFrancis! X1 boiler sensors - Help me Id them in this pic? - Espresso Machines •

by sbrothier
Hello - I was given a FF X1 that I believe is from 1998, it appears to have been used little to none. I opened it up to check out the status of the boiler (which is now descaling) and I'm wondering about using an arduino or a PID to control this thing as the best water temp I got was 185 (with the shower screen off) and that was only for the first few seconds. Can anyone help me identify the sensors? Maybe I'm crazy but it looks like it already has a microprocessor of some sort and its controlling one of the cycles perhaps the main brew cycle? or maybe one of the sensors is the auto top off sensor or part of the mechanism that manages moving water into the boiler when its dry or in need of prime? (sorry I don't have the manual and can't find one online).

Craystone FrancisFrancis Spare Parts

by sbrothier
Please find below our list of spare parts and replacements for lost parts. If you require handles, please click here. If there are any parts you require that are not listed below please send a quick EMAIL and we'll get you a price.

11 Reasons Why You Should Drink Coffee Every Day

by sbrothier
There really can't be any adult in this great big world that has never tried coffee. It's consumed everywhere, and judging by the amount of Starbucks locations in the United States alone, (in 2012, there were 10,924!) we love our caffeine.

Comptoirs Richard : acheter café, en grain, machines à café en grains, vente cafetière, thés, tisanes, chocolats, épicerie gourmande

by sbrothier
Cafés Richard a été parmi les premiers torréfacteurs à élaborer une sélection de Grands Crus et à s’inscrire dans une recherche de cafés provenant de terroirs prestigieux. Cette gamme a été revisitée afin d’offrir une sélection de pures origines encore plus riche, voire insolite, que les établissements peuvent valoriser auprès de clients connaisseurs ou tout simplement amateurs de bons cafés... 8 Pures Origines composent cette collection dont le packaging a également été revu avec soin ; il est à présent sans aluminium et issu de forêts gérées durablement.

Les 7 meilleurs cafés de Paris - L'EXPRESS

by sbrothier & 1 other
Les baristas -barmans en italien- maîtrisent l'art et la manière de déguster les grands crus. Petit tour d'horizon des meilleurs talents de la capitale, venus des quatre coins du monde. 

Chemistry with Chemex | Tonx

by sbrothier
I fell in love with her almost immediately. She wasn’t my first, but our chemistry was instant and undeniable. I even debated naming her. My Chemex always seemed like a Kelsey to me.

ROK | Homepage for the ROK espresso maker

by sbrothier
The ROK Espresso Maker is the antithesis of pressing a button on an electric machine.   The ROK is the artisan way to enjoy espresso - a non-electric, hands-on creative solution to making espresso the way you want it, without the waste and expense of capsules - there is no lock-in to buying pods. You choose the coffee, you select the grind, you provide the power. By using hand-powered pressure coffee making becomes a more involving pleasure. As you become more experienced you can fine-tune how you use the ROK espresso maker to produce espressos to your personal taste.  Watch the video made by our new distributor for US and Canada. See ROK featured in GQ magazine, here. Best stuff of 2012.


Chemex | Chemex® Coffeemakers & Filters

by sbrothier & 1 other
extract the best and skip the rest

All Over Coffee HOME

by sbrothier & 2 others
An interactive version of select All Over Coffee pieces from the new book Everything is its own reward by Paul Madonna


Terres De Cafe

by sbrothier
Torréfacteurs depuis 1979, l’équipe de Terres de Café vous propose une sélection d’une vingtaine de cafés de terroirs aux meilleurs prix, provenant des meilleures plantations, respectueuses de la nature et des hommes. Passez les portes de Terres de Café et faites le tour du monde des meilleurs crus : la magie d’un Moka des forêts caféière d’Ethiopie, la complexité d’un Arabica des hauts plateaux andins, la puissance d’un Blue Mountain de Jamaïque, l’équilibre des mélanges exclusifs Terres de café ou bien encore la surprise d’un Skyburry australien… Profitez des conseils d’un expert qui saura trouver avec vous le ou les cafés qui vous correspondent le mieux, pour chaque moment de votre vie.

La Boutique du bon thé et du bon café

by sbrothier
Des cafés arabica de grandes origines Les plus grands jardins de thé dans toutes les couleurs Du café vert non torréfié pour le home-roasting Théières, tasses, bouilloires et accessoires Conseils et fiches techniques

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