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Le Logiciel Libre ne sert plus à rien

by Monique & 2 others

De nouveaux enjeux apparaissent, et ils sont d’une importance capitale. Ils ne concernent pas le contrôle du code mais le contrôle des données


Ouvrir ses logiciels mais fermer ses données à l'ère du cloud computing - Framablog

by Monique

« Ouvrons » nos logiciels mais « fermons » nos données ? C’est en résumé, la question brutale que pose ce billet.


Simple API for Cloud Application Services

by pac-recrutement

The Simple Cloud API is here to bring cloud technologies to PHP and the PHP philosophy to the cloud. With it, developers can start writing scalable and highly available applications that are still portable. If you're looking for code to start playing around with immediately, you'll find the first file storage, document storage, and simple queue interfaces with adapters for major cloud vendors here.

But this project is about more than just code. Zend has once again invited the open source community and software vendor of all sizes in to a dialogue that benefits all. And this time we're working with the companies that are leading the cloud revolution.

Why Google AppEngine sucks : Svarychevski Michail Aleksandrovich

by parmentierf (via)
his article is about some Google AppEngine problems (or peculiarities) which might not be obvious for newcomers.

Responsables informatiques : “Cloudifiez” vos infrastructures, immédiatement !

by pac-recrutement

Et si l’on essayait d’y voir clair ?

Je vous propose donc une première typologie des «clouds», en quatre familles :

  • Public Cloud, ou «Nuages publics».
  • Private Cloud, ou «Nuages privés».
  • VPC, Virtual Private Cloud, ou «Nuages privés virtuels».
  • Hybrid Cloud ou «Nuages hybrides»

Eucalyptus Systems Inc

by jpcaruana & 1 other
Eucalyptus is an open-source system for implementing on-premise private and hybrid clouds using the hardware and software infrastructure that is in place, without modification.

JumpBox for the DSpace Open Source Repository | JumpBox Inc.

by parmentierf
A JumpBox packages an application's software, dependencies, and application data into a single virtual appliance that deploys locally, or hosted to major virtualization, and cloud computing platforms. Deploy on Windows, Mac, or Linux using virtualization platforms like VMware, Xen, Parallels, Virtual Iron, Microsoft Virtualization, and Amazon EC2.

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