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odinJobs - Careers Are Made Here

by cyberien & 1 other
* Only 15% of jobs are listed on paid job boards. * Keyword searching is inefficient in finding the right job Our Mission: Get the Right IT Job wherever it may be. Odin collects jobs from job boards, corporate websites, groups etc. At last count Odin is collecting over 20,000 jobs from 1000 of sources every day. To fulfill the key part of our mission - get the "Right" It job, Odin features a matching technology that sifts through all the jobs and selects the right ones based on your qualification, experience and preference. Instead of using keywords and displaying 1000's of weak to irrelevant jobs, Odin employs language processing and artificial intelligence to determine the fitness of a job for you and shows you only the right ones. We want you to find the right IT job. We want to make your search easier and faster and more relevant.

Zimini Software : Get Great offers, Promotions and Coupons to your Desktop.

by cyberien (via)
Receive Coupons & Special Offers Based On Your Interests Right On Your Desktop Zimini is a free software application. You download it and build a personal profile - that resides securely on your computer - then Zimini finds great offers, coupons and promotions based on your unique interests.

Emploi - Offres d'emploi et recherche emploi gratuit |

by cyberien & 3 others
Bienvenue sur Travail-emploi ! Le site d'emploi 100% gratuit. Publication gratuite et illimitée des offres d'emploi, de stage, de mission ou d'interim. Retrouvez toutes les offres et petites annonces pour votre recherche d'emploi. Déposez votre CV ou votre offre d'emploi et accélerez sa diffusion et sa recherche en lui assimilant des tags emploi.

Job-a-matic | Home

by cyberien
Make More from Your Site with Job-a-matic! Add Paid Listings to Your Site Today Why Job-a-matic? * Sell your own job listings. You set the price. * Earn additional revenue with paid listings from Simply Hired. * Wow your audience with useful content. * Watch the money roll in.

Advertising & Online Copywriting, Search Engine Copywriting ...

by Myszak
Copywriting Services - Know what you want to say but aren't quite sure how to phrase it? Completely lost as far as copywriting goes?

pressbox - uk press - release distribution - press store ...

by Myszak
Pressbox is the uk online press centre offering press release and copywriting services providing a professional resource for news / press releases

Copywriting service. classified text ad copywriting, email solo ad

by Myszak
Affordable Copywriting service. classified text ad copywriting, email solo ad copywriting, follow up autoresponder emails, landing page copywriting, article product review, direct mail copywriting, press release copywriting

2006 - Search All The Classifieds On The Web

by cyberien & 1 other
At, our mission is to build the world's widest, deepest, freshest and cleanest database of classified ads. We invest in superior technology for rooting out ads, wherever they may be, and for parsing and tagging them to make them easier to search. Why should you care? That depends on who you are and what your needs are, but we think everyone will benefit from the person-to-person connecting power our Vast collection of data.


by fleuree
Web service enabling people to buy and sell merchandise directly on their blogs and through news readers.

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