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Articles of impeachment to be filed against Cheney

by itsatrap
Calm yourselves, though. It’s just the Peace Gnome, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), on a righteous rampage again. He’ll likely get a few onboard...

February 2007

June 2006

Google Adsense Guide

by stovepipe
Explode Your AdSense Earnings by incorporating images with your ads

May 2006

Bush 911 Video .com - You will never be the same

by dav2go1 (via)
This website shows Lots of Streaming video proving that the official explanation of 911 is BS. It further explains that Bush/Project for a New American Century are behind it.

April 2006

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Slow Leak: How Cheney Stalled News Reports of Hunting Accident -

by zboog
Word of the mishap took 20 hours to get out as the Vice President insisted on telling a local newspaper before everyone else, sources say

Cheney under the gun over hunt - The Courier-Mail

by zboog
The incident occurred on Saturday, when Mr Cheney, Mr Whittington and another hunter were scouting quail on a South Texas ranch. The vice president's office did not announce the accident for 24 hours, after a local newspaper reported the incident.

January 2006

The Smoking Gun: Dick Cheney's Youthful Indiscretions

by zboog
Court and police records obtained by The Smoking Gun show that Cheney was convicted of drunk driving twice during an eight-month period in the early 1960s in his home state of Wyoming. The two convictions came when Cheney was 21 and 22 and resulted in...

December 2005

Mr. Cheney\'s Imperial Presidency - New York Times

by multilinko
George W. Bush has quipped several times during his political career that it would be so much easier to govern in a dictatorship. Apparently he never told his vice president that this was a joke. - Bush surrenders on torture ban

by multilinko (via)
In a political about-face, George W. Bush has bowed to the inevitable, agreeing to a blanket U.S. ban on torture and ceding the moral high ground to long-time rival John McCain. Bush had threatened to use his presidential veto for the first time to block McCain's measures and Dick Cheney lobbied Republicans to give U.S. intelligence agents immunity, earning him the moniker "Vice-President for Torture." After a Wednesday congressional vote, in which 121 Republicans bucked Bush, the U.S. president sat in the Oval Office with McCain yesterday, praising the Arizona senator he had beaten for the 2000 Republican presidential nomination. "Senator McCain has been a leader to make sure that the United States of America upholds the values of America as we fight and win this war on terror," Bush said.

November 2005

Torture - How to lose friends and alienate people -

by multilinko (via)
The Bush administration's approach to torture beggars belief This week saw the sad spectacle of an American president lamely trying to explain to the citizens of Panama that, yes, he would veto any such bill but, no, “We do not torture.” Meanwhile, Mr Bush's increasingly error-prone vice-president, Dick Cheney, has been across on Capitol Hill trying to bully senators to exclude America's spies from any torture ban. To add a note of farce to the tragedy, the administration has had to explain that the CIA is not torturing prisoners at its secret prisons in Asia and Eastern Europe—though of course it cannot confirm that such prisons exist.

Twilight of the Gods

by multilinko
I don't know how else to put this: Is US vice-president Dick Cheney mad? - Ex-CIA chief: Cheney 'VP for torture' - Nov 18, 2005

by multilinko
In an interview with Britain's ITV news Thursday, Turner said the U.S. vice president was damaging America's reputation by overseeing torture policies of possible terrorist suspects, the UK's Press Association reported. "I'm embarrassed the United States has a vice president for torture," Turner said, according to ITV's Web site. "He condones torture, what else is he?"

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