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Radio Button Categories |

by simon_bricolo
This plugin forces your writers to only use one category for each post by enabling the category meta box to use radio buttons instead of check boxes.


Rich Text Tag, Category, and Taxonomy Descriptions for WordPress |

by simon_bricolo
The Rich Text Tags plugin allows you to use the WYSIWYG TinyMCE text editor (the WordPress default editor) while editing Categories, Tags, and taxonomies (custom categorization created by the Yoast Simple Taxonomies plugin).

Post Corrector Plugin |

by simon_bricolo
Plugin wordpress intégrer industriellement des noms de catégories simplement en copiant/collant leur nom dans la boite de dialogue



Category Theory for the Java Programmer « reperiendi

by ogrisel (via)
There are several good introductions to category theory, each written for a different audience. However, I have never seen one aimed at someone trained as a programmer rather than as a computer scientist or as a mathematician. There are programming languages that have been designed with category theory in mind, such as Haskell, OCaml, and others; however, they are not typically taught in undergraduate programming courses. Java, on the other hand, is often used as an introductory language; while it was not designed with category theory in mind, there is a lot of category theory that passes over directly.

Versione aggiornata di Categories Autolink

by runen
Plugin per Wordpress Categories Autolink compatibile con la versione 2.3 di WP

Plugin per Wordpress 'Categories Autolink' | Huginn e Muninn

by runen
Wordpress Plugin which automatically sets links to blog categories when naming them in posts or pages. Plugin per Wordpress che linka automaticamente i nomi delle categorie alle stesse quando le si cita in un articolo o in una pagina del blog.



by jackiege & 2 others

Update News: One click in-page editing in Social Bookmarks

by ycc2106
This a quick update on some social bookmark services, as since the first buzz, most of the old reviews showing features are now outdated.

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