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2016 | Bitcoin Debit Card

by Spone
Bitcoin debit card Low commission Free worldwide delivery Both Chip & Pin and virtual cards are available Accepted anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted


Choosing a payment provider for your Europe based SaaS startup | GoGemba | Blog

by Spone
We have spent a vast amount of time trying to figure out what payment provider we should go with for GoGemba. We have now finally settled on Paymill. They’re like the european version of Stripe, or well, at least the ones that come closest. So here, I’ll try and go through the process that lead us to choosing Paymill.



by Spone & 6 others
Payments for developers


01net. - Panne à la carte bancaire ce week-end à la SNCF.

by srcmax (via)
Sur Internet, sur les bornes interactives ou aux guichets, le système est tombé en panne dans la nuit du samedi 27 au dimanche 28 octobre, à la suite d'une opération de maintenance.

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