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Building a Resume

by cryogenius (via)
Resume building is both a science and an art. Your place in the tech enterprise needs to be explained clearly, so the screener and the tech person hiring "get it." You also need to position yourself as a player, a communicator, and a trusted co-worker. All this requires intelligence in writing, as well as content.



by knann (via)
BioWorksU is an interactive career exploration website designed to attract students to life science careers. Set in a virtual university, the site uses games, experiments, and simulations to introduce students to jobs people do at a range of locations -- a nurse's station, ambulance bay, diagnostic lab, pathology lab, radiology department, pharmacy, physical therapy room, dentist's office, and more. Watch videos of professionals describing what they do. Play the ambulance maze game.

TruGreen, Lawn care, landscaping

by MrKumar
Employment opportunities with Tru Green. Search jobs and careers from both TruGreen LandCare and TruGreen ChemLawn on The TruGreen Companies website.

<b>Career</b> Development

by damiongal95
Midyear review is the time of year where you sit down with your manager and talk about your career growth and plan for the future, and then managers and employees write up a "plan" together on how to develop on the job. ...

A lot to talk about

by LayneBau96
Hello everyone, Well I quit my temp. job with UPS. I finally decided that I had enough of being late and enough of one of my supervisors'. I am now looking for a fulltime job in which I thought I was receiving in the first place. Oh well, I will find a fulltime job in time that I will be able to pay for my car plus insurance. I just did an interview for a job at a marketing place. I did not think it went too well. I was nervous, sick, and just plain tired. I knew I could have done better and I will probably have to look for another job. However, it has given me experience. I should not expect to get the first job, but I am going to keep trying. Anyway, that is all for now. I will talk soon. Serenity Hutchinson

Pursue the Passion

by PursuethePassion
Three college grads embark on the world's greatest grassroots journey to interview the most passionate people on the planet. These interviews are used to guide, inspire, and direct the pursuits of aspiring individuals towards a passionate career.

Careers In Asset Management

by bl5189e0
Information on careers in asset management. Reviews and recent news.

UN Warns Chad Violence Could Replicate Rwanda Genocide

by TakeshiGenji
The UN refugee agency has issued a stark warning that the violence in Chad could turn into a genocide similar to that in Rwanda in 1994

Bishop of Southwark Launches Just War Book

by TakeshiGenji & 1 other
The Bishop of Southwark has launched a book on just war in the twentyfirst century The Price of Peace at the Foreign Press Association this week The Rt Rev Tom Butler also Vice Chair of the Church of Englands Mission and Public Affairs Division chaired the launch which involved a number of contributors to the book

No federal court for Guantanamo detainees

by YukihiroKawashi
In a major victory for Bush, an appeals court upheld a 2006 law restricting detainees' access to US courts.

Tensions Rise in Ethiopia as Christian Killed and Homes Torched

by YukihiroKawashi
One Christian has been killed and a group of Christian families are taking shelter in a church after their homes were set on fire by Muslim militants Christian Today has learned

Rowan Williams Tells Warring Anglicans to Feel Humility Before God

by YukihiroKawashi & 1 other
The Archbishop of Canterbury Rev Dr Rowan Williams has called for bishops to feel humility before God as worldwide Anglican leaders continued a sixday summit in Tanzania which could have a great influence on the Communions future

Tearfund Welcomes Mugabe Sanctions Fears for Zimbabwes Poor

by YukihiroKawashi
Tearfund has welcomed the EU decision to renew the restricted measures against President Mugabes regime in Zimbabwe But while their renewal sends a message of continuing disapproval from the international community the poor and marginalised have never been so desperate says Christian humanitarian agency Tearfund

In 'Lost City Radio,' faint signals from a country's lost heart

by JomeiKujo & 1 other
Daniel Alarc&#243;n's debut novel tells of a nameless country dealing with the aftermath of war.

How Not to Act in a Job Interview

by grenwald
Real examples of hilariously bad behavior interviewers report as actually happening during interviews with potential job candidates.


Job Search at Redgoldfish Jobs

by RichTC
Great UK Job search portal providing over 12,000 jobs within the UK and links to other uk job boards. It has a section devoted to career guides and interview questions along with some useful company profiles.


by knann (via)
CareerShip is a free online career exploration adventure for middle and high school students. CareerShip is a product of Mapping Your Future, a public-service web site providing career, college, financial aid, and financial literacy information and services.

Career Change

by woljam
Careers advice and information, including free career change course and free CV tips. Sections on going back to college and self employment.

Jewish Nanny Canada

by vladil
We Provide Nannies and Caregivers for Jewish and Israeli families in Canada

Fast Pitch

by cdevore
Fast Pitch! is an online network that gives business professionals a destination to market and promote their business effectively (i.e. make their “pitch”). The Fast Pitch approach 'cuts to the chase' by allowing people to quickly identify qualified leads, pass referrals and generate business. Through a variety of services and networking events, Fast Pitch has facilitated over 1 million introductions for business professionals across the United States since 2004.

Government Jobs

by vidlink
Find or post government jobs from federal, state, and local agencies for FREE.

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