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Ascension Day in the United States

by tadeufilippini
Ascension Day in the United States Ascension Day is observed in the United States on the 40th day of Easter. It commemorates Jesus Christ's ascension into heaven, according to the New Testament of the Bible. Jesus statue Ascension Day marks Jesus Christ's ascension into heaven, according to Christian belief. © Cote What Do People Do? Ascension Day is officially celebrated on a Thursday on the 40th day of Easter, or 39 days after Easter Sunday. Some churches in the United States join forces to celebrate a combined Day of Prayer and Ascension Day service, which may include a time for reflection. A few churches also organize a "church crawl", where people travel from one church to another and experience the different prayer events. Other churches may feature combined cathedral choirs that offer a special solemn Eucharist written especially for Ascension Day. A social time usually follows the service. Some Lutheran churches hold a special ceremony where the Paschal candle is extinguished and removed after the reading of the gospel on Ascension Day. Public Life





Calendar of API changes | Twitter Developers

by srcmax
This page lists important upcoming dates for consumers of Twitter's APIs. The dates listed will be as specific as possible, but may not be exact for various reasons.


Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics-The Newsstand

by everyueveryme
Using the Newsstand you can view the covers of comics that were onsale during a given month. Several publishers are currently included: DC (and all its imprints), Marvel (thru 1996), Fawcett, Quality, Charlton, Wildstorm (Image), and more.

BusySync - Sync iCal calendars over your LAN and with Google Calendar

by sbrothier
Share iCal Calendars on your LAN With BusySync it's incredibly easy to share iCal calendars with family or coworkers on your LAN without the need for a dedicated server. BusySync is a Mac OS X System Preference Pane that runs in the background and adds calendar sharing capabilities to iCal. Shared calendars can be viewed and edited by multiple users, and changes are instantly published and synchronized with all users on the network. You can even make changes to shared calendars while offline and your changes will sync when you reconnect to the network.

Helvetical » I am Ad Taylor

by sbrothier & 1 other
I know I am not alone in my love/hate relationship for Google’s apps, the functionality is brilliant but the UI is ugly. Google Calendar is most definitely not the exception to the rule, it hurts my eyes.

National Days

by everyueveryme
This purports to be a real list of "national" "days"

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