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July 2006

November 2005

Nokia Wins Telus Broadband Contract

by teleclick
Canadian telecommunications giant, Telus, has just awarded a major contract to Nokia, which will allow them to build Telus’s next-generation broadband internet

October 2005

Broadband Speeds on an Upward Spiral

by teleclick
Come next spring, BT will be trying to grab its share of the UK's ultra-high-speed broadband market with its new "Max" ADSL service. Max is expected to provide data transfer speeds of up to 8 Mbps.

Philadelphia to Build Wireless Broadband Network

by teleclick
Philadelphia has recently come to an agreement with Verizon, Pennsylvania’s primary telephone provider, which will allow the city to build a low-cost wireless broadband network.

September 2005

Rogers and Bell Team Up to Bring Wireless Broadband to Canada

by teleclick
Rogers Communications and Bell Canada, major competitors for cable and telephone customers in Canada, are planning to build a wireless broadband network across the country, with the help of Kirkland-based Clearwire.

Verizon Expands Wireless Broadband Service Area, Drops Prices

by teleclick
Verizon Wireless is expanding into more markets with their EV-DO cellular broadband service, and have reduced prices by about 25%.

Sprint to Test Wireless Broadband Technology

by teleclick
Sprint Nextel announced on Friday that it will be working with Samsung Telecommunications to test mobile WiMAX wireless broadband technology.

August 2005

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