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Globetechnology: The new shape of broadband

by multilinko
Rogers Cable, like other cable companies, has in fact been implementing something it calls "traffic shaping," a technology that gives priority to certain on-line activities (such as e-mail, browsing, voice communication) and putting the brakes on other less time-sensitive stuff, such as swapping music files.

November 2005

October 2005

Broadband Speeds on an Upward Spiral

by teleclick
Come next spring, BT will be trying to grab its share of the UK's ultra-high-speed broadband market with its new "Max" ADSL service. Max is expected to provide data transfer speeds of up to 8 Mbps.

New Zealand ISP Abandons IPO Plans

by teleclick
New Zealand broadband provider, Woosh, has decided to abandon their plans for a public stock offering, but claim that the decision is not due to weakness in technology or competitive position.

EarthLink Wins Philadelphia Wi-Fi Bid

by teleclick
Philadelphia has decided on EarthLink to be the provider of the new citywide wireless broadband network, which will be the largest municipal Wi-Fi network in the US.

July 2005


by creativewatch
ISPrime is a Professional Hosting Company. Its focus is to provide each customer with a flexible, managed solution for their online business. ISPrime has the coverage, infrastructure and expertise to satisfy any size client needs.

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