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10 March 2005


by mikepower
I've long wondered why we have done so little research on how women can use microbicides in their vaginas to lessen the risk of HIV infection.

Stephen Pollard: The Tories' campaign themes

by mikepower
Lower taxes. Controlled immigration. Cleaner willies.

04 March 2005

James Wolcott: Second Verse, Same as the First: Here we go again.

by mikepower
My dim understanding is that Hezbollah's fight is with Israel, they pose no direct threat to the United States; ergo, let Israel fight its own battles, for which it is more than adequately equipped.

Harry's Place: Hate and the Law: Camilla Cavendish adds her voice to those opposed to the bill on religious hate:

by mikepower
Under this law, anyone who insults the beliefs of Christians, Muslims, Scientologists or any other group parading superstitions as truth will be liable to face trial on charges that carry a seven-year prison sentence.

03 March 2005

Plastic: Islam's Velvet Revolution

by mikepower
The Arab world is at a tipping point, where the old corrupt and repressive regimes will either have to adapt to the new democratic realities, or go under.

02 March 2005

Normblog: Paradigm English

by mikepower
The kids to whom literature might speak - if character and story were emphasised and not the "values" - the kids who are not academically inclined or gifted necessarily, but who might well respond to books if they were presented in an interesting way...

28 February 2005

The Yorkshire Ranter:  What Is Wrong With These People?

by mikepower
The US Department of Homeland Security picked D. Reed Freedman to sit on their "Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee". Freedman's other job is as Chief Privacy Officer of Claria Inc, the company that gave the world Gator, one of the net's worst

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