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09 February 2006

The Blog | Michelle Pilecki: The Huffington Post

by mikepower
Arms-control treaties, nuclear proliferation, weapons of mass destruction -- in dealing with these issues, does the State Department need career professionals who know what they're talking about? Apparently not

05 February 2006

Dozy Sycophant: Dave on Ms Armstrong

by mikepower
The question I want answered is: why can’t Blair sack some people — Peter Mandelson, Keith Vaz, Hilary Armstrong? They’re among the foulest turds ever to disgrace the Houses of Parliament, besides being utterly hopeless.

01 February 2006

AMERICAblog: Because a great nation deserves the truth

by mikepower
Cindy Sheehan's side of the story. If true, this is just very sad for our country

Bloggerheads- Reactions to State Of The Union 2006

by mikepower
Reactions to Bush's State Of The Union 2006 Address from around the blogs

11 January 2006

Andrew Bartlett: Johan Hari teeters on the ledge of deligitimation

by mikepower
IIn his efforts to smash George Galloway, Johan Hari writes; “he was rejected at the ballot box by 64 percent of the people"...Saint Oona was rejected by 66 percent.

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