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10 April 2006

Ben Hammersley

by mikepower
For Murdoch, and ITV, and anyone else who decides to buy a social network for the purpose of selling things to it aren’t buying a captive group. They’re buying Schrodinger’s Audience - the very act of opening the box may kill it.

Best of Both Worlds

by mikepower
Easter,1916 and Yeats' poem of the same name: truly a case where a historical event got shaped in our memories by a single brilliant nearly-contemporaneous interpretation.

Backing Blair

by mikepower
We're making enemies faster than we can kill them

08 April 2006

Divers Late Night Confused Thoughts from Dave

by mikepower
I’ve started to see the role of columnists on tehgrauniad not as people on the spot, or people who were on the spot...but as secular preachers who tell us what we ought to believe, and do so more earnestly when their cause is improbable.

05 April 2006

Bringing Palestine to Iraq: Lenin's Tomb

by mikepower
In what is curiously described as a shift from "a socialist to a free market economy", the Iraqi 'government' has decided to slash food rations for the poor.

02 April 2006

Blood & Treasure

by mikepower
Prefects never change, do they?

31 March 2006

Blood & Treasure

by mikepower & 1 other
The fact that Martin Jacques is a bit of a dick is one thing. But that doesn’t mean to say that all the hoo hah about universal principles isn’t problematic, especially when it comes to countries like China.

Bloggerheads - the weblog of Tim Ireland

by mikepower
Don't you find it a little odd that Mary Creagh, the Labour MP who is worried that we all might burn ourselves has never formally objected to a government that approves of boiling people alive?

27 March 2006

Tim Ireland - Your duty is clear

by mikepower
I am convinced that - if enough people use this word in this way - the world will soon become a more beautiful place. Begin your journey to a better life by letting the world know that Charles Clarke is a cunt.


by mikepower
Just by way of introduction: Rachel Corrie - even so harmless, so blonde, so white, so American and therefore pure a figure as she - is controversial in death. Having had her spinal chord severed and the life crushed out of her by an Israeli military bull


by mikepower & 2 others
Just because a woman shoots down a guy with plucked eyebrows, a butt-crack on his chin and the souless dead eyes of a grouper it doesn't make her a lesbian.

Tampon Teabag

by mikepower
The overwhelming number of people who come to this website do so for one reason alone, to look at a picture of an obese woman in a bikini.

Norwegianity - Our matrushculating leaders

by mikepower
Do we really believe that the U.S. military thinks that Russia had a spy in the middle of American war planning for Iraq or that Russia broke some American code and listened in on U.S. war preparations in 2003?

Gary Farber

by mikepower
The great thing about British newspapers is that I always have to look up words to figure out what the hell they're talking about. Bomb plot suspect sold poisoned burgers, says supergrass:

Best of Both Worlds

by mikepower
Here's the latest from the AP's tendentious Nidra Pickler: "Founded by immigrants and praised as a haven for the oppressed, the United States now is struggling to decide the fate of as many as 12 million people living in the country illegally..." Send he

28 February 2006

Dave on Mrs Mills. Buona giornata!

by mikepower
Lots of stuff and links on the David Mills/Tessa Jowell affair.

26 February 2006

James Wolcott

by mikepower
"Worried as I am, I have not written Europe off yet," writes America's most dependable laxative. Europe heaved a huge sigh of relief upon hearing the news, then went back to coddling its Muslims in order to furnish Mark Steyn with future columns.

25 February 2006

Jason Kottke and Micropatronage - Oh, what a year:

by mikepower & 1 other
One year ago today, I asked the readers of to become micropatrons and support my efforts in producing the site for a year. I'm not going to be asking for contributions again.

Europhobia on Livingtone's suspension:

by mikepower
Does this mean I can get Tony Blair and Charles Clarke suspended from office for offending me EVERY SINGLE BLOODY DAY with their illiberal attacks on pretty much everything that used to make this country a place I could be proud to live?

24 February 2006

Backword: Dave Weeden's weblog

by mikepower
Dave's certainly back with a vengeance (in more ways than one) so go and check him out - before the medication wears off ;-)

23 February 2006

Chicken Yoghurt on The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill

by mikepower
The CBI were sanguine about swarthy suspects being sent to Guantanamo under the act but less happy when it was applied to wholesome white collar types. Where's Martin Niemöller when you need to misquote him?

21 February 2006

Majikthise : Blogs on Wieseltier on Dennett

by mikepower
Links to fiskings of Leon Wieseltier's review of Daniel Dennett's book 'Breaking the Spell'

MSN-Mainichi Daily News: Business News

by mikepower
Blogging has increasingly become more popular in China, with 52 percent of white-collar workers now keeping Weblogs...the Chinese white collar bloggers see complaining, and office and personal gossip as their priorities.

10 February 2006

Bloggerheads (UK) Tim Ireland: Now we're talking

by mikepower
A quiet word of advice for Mr Akkari... when the car leaves the ramp and becomes airborne, you will find the steering wheel to be of very little use.

09 February 2006


by mikepower
Reid seems to be suggesting that breaches of the established rules of warfare are excusable in a situation in which the warfare is abnormal. That breaches of the Geneva Convention should be ignored, because the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan is "specia

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