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Yahoo! poll shows Filipinos willing to boycott China-made goods

by alamat (via)
The controversy over the so-called Spratly Islands in the West Philippine Sea (which is also called the South China Sea) has driven calls for a boycott on Chinese-made products.


Boycott etc.

by vancho
La stratégie israëlienne d'étouffement de la culture palestinienne d'abord par la force bla bla bla


Filtrage des pubs pro sarkozy

by antonin
Liste des sites pro sarko à bannir de votre compte google adsense


Blu-ray sucks

by sunny
Why you should boycott Blu-ray and HD-DVD

Article that Never was

by sabbah
What do you call a man, effectively the proprietor of a magazine called Global Agenda in one of his roles, who attempts to censor an article in his publication after it has already been printed and circulated to a large part (perhaps 3,000 people) of its intended audience? More than that, the author of the offending article holds an electronic file of its final form sent to him as a proof and is happy to circulate it more widely. And what if the “proprietor” attempts to impose his retrospective censorship under the gaze of the world press at one of the world’s highest-profile forums, the annual Davos meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF)?


KarmaBanque :: what goes around, comes around

by kalooni
L'ancien courtier en Bourse américain, Max Keiser, a décidé d'utiliser ses compétences pour défendre les droits de l'homme et de l'environnement. C'est ainsi que ce génie de Wall Street habitant en France, a eu l'idée de créer une banque en ligne - la Karmabanque - pour réduire les bénéfices des multi-nationales néfastes à l'humanité. Le principe: moins ces sociétés réaliseront de bénéfice, plus leur boycott prendra de la valeur sur Karmabanque.

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